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RedLine Touts Its Made in U.S. Products

CBS Moneywatch recently featured a story about RedLine Garagegear in their publications about the wonderful success we experienced in 2011.

Thanks to all of our great customers throughout North America, RedLine Garagegear saw a 30% increase in consumer sales over the course of the year. And we’re proud to say that we still used American sourced raw materials and American labor to create custom built products. Our powder coated wood garage cabinets are helping homeowners take back their garage. Being both functional and aesthetic makes it much easier for customers to envision our brand and product in their home.

RedLine Garagegear is being installed in garages around the country. We’re still a long way from our goal of organizing every garage in America but we’re closer every year.

This past year we also added some new dealers to our network of agents throughout North America. We now have dealers in many major areas in the U.S. and Canada.

You can download PDFs of both articles below!


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