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That’s a Great Garage: Before & After

Garage cabinets from RedLine Garagegear have helped homeowners in the U.S. and Canada turn their spaces into great garages. Over the course of nearly a decade we’ve developed a design and manufacturing process that works. And that’s why we can provide custom garage storage solutions without the custom pricing.

We’re excited to bring you our ‘That’s a Great Garage’ series (TAGG for short). This is an opportunity for you to see some of the organized spaces RedLine Garagegear has helped create. I think once you’ve had a look at some other folks’ spaces you will get inspired to take back your garage!

So here we go!

The great garage we’re looking at today comes from the St. Louis, Missouri area. We’ll begin though by looking at the space before it became great. The clutter seen in this garage may seem pretty tame to some but for these homeowners it was an unsightly mess. Many of the typical clutter suspects can be seen in piles along the walls and on either side of the entrance in to the house.

Does this space look eerily similar to a place you know? An area littered with sports gear, bicycles, home maintenance equipment, kids’ toys, storage totes, etc, and so on.

It’s ok though because help is on the way. You see this space most likely came completely empty; just a wide open space waiting to be filled to capacity with stuff. This space needs a storage system to contain all the stuff that naturally accumulates in the garage.

Here’s where we come in! Allow me to introduce RedLine Garagegear Design and Installation Expert Perry Tiemann. Perry works individually with our direct sale customers to assess their needs and come up with a garage storage solution that will fit their space and personality.

For this particular space Perry came up with a few different systems each serving the different needs the homeowner had. Here we have the system that was hung on the very back wall of the garage. Our sandstone powder coat color was chosen for these cabinets. Upper, base, and tall cabinets are all being used here. A black Impact Coating counter top was added to the two base cabinets to create a workbench area.

Turning to the left wall we can see that wall space is now being used to keep all the family two wheelers off the floor. Seven bicycles and a couple scooters would take up quite a bit of floor space but with the proper system a small amount of wall space is required.

There was enough space leftover on this wall for a garage closet. This is our specialty solution to large and bulky items that may not otherwise fit behind a storage system. The garage closet here uses slat wall as the back so items can hang from hooks. Two bi-fold doors were also used and the bottom panel was eliminated to accommodate longer items.

At long last we arrive back at the opposite wall which is also the entrance into the home. Previously, the situation looked rather hopeless. There were some cabinets on the wall; most likely from a previous attempt at getting the place cleaned up, yet clutter abounded. Not so anymore. Perry used one of our corner cabinet configurations to get maximum use of the space between a wall obstruction and the garage door. The top of this unit is also being used to keep some long items off the floor.

Slat wall was utilized on the other side of the door to hold many of the sporting goods this family has accumulated. One of the neat things about slat wall is all the storage accessories that are available. Here, baskets were used to keep the balls and hooks were put in place for other items like: skateboards, hockey sticks, and tennis rackets.

Now let’s take a side by side look at the garage once the project was completed.

This space looks awesome and the homeowners can open their garage door without shame. Perry did an excellent job for these folks and he is fully prepared to do the same thing for you!

Contact us today to get started on the design for your new garage cabinets!

And that’s another great garage from RedLine Garagegear. We promise to show you a different one real soon.


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