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Extreme Garage Makeover: Epic Garage Organization Failure Cleaned Up

Back Wall Before Extreme Garage MakeoverLiving with a messy garage is a growing epidemic among many homeowners who have two and three car garages. Many of those homeowners have tried to adopt solutions for cleaning up this area of the home. Here’s a family garage that has a pieced together storage system (consisting of plastic shelving; old, recycled wood cabinets; and some bike racks) and uses piles to keep the clutter at bay. Quite a bit of the stuff being stored in this space, however, is still on the floor and makes the area look junky.

Home Entrance Before Extreme Garage MakeoverMost folks do not want to have a cluttered space in their home. Having to look at it constantly or trying to find things in the mess can be very discouraging. And I write that based on my own experience. We’ve all had our share of failures when it comes to keeping the garage organized.

Before going any further I have to make one thing clear: you were set up to fail. Your garage didn’t come equipped with any sort of system for storing anything. Sure you want to have a large enough space to park your cars inside but who has the room to use their garage just for parking? What about the kids outside toys, lawn and garden maintenance equipment, bikes, plastic totes, tools, and all the other stuff that may end up out there?

Unbeknownst to the masses is that there are storage system options available designed specifically for the garage. The options I’m talking about are far better than the plastic shelving and cabinets you would find in most any big box store. In fact, you can have anything from a semi-custom solution to a fully custom wall to wall system.

This particular garage got a great new look when outfitted with powder coated wood garage cabinets from RedLine Garagegear. Storage systems were added to three of the walls eliminating the piles that had accumulated on the floor.

Back Wall After Extreme Garage MakeoverDo you even recognize this back wall? The stuff that once lined the walls has been replaced by a custom wall system. Beginning from the left, there are three tall double door cabinets, two upper double door cabinets, and two base double door cabinets. On top of the base cabinets there is a countertop with a black finish creating a workbench area. The entire system hangs from the wall to keep both the cabinets and the items being stored safe from water or any other liquid that may spill on the floor.

West Wall After Extreme Garage MakeoverBefore the transformation the entire west wall could only hold a few of the family’s bicycles. The wall space here was being used in a terribly inefficient manner. Now all seven bicycles and two scooters can be stored on the wall with room to add more two wheelers if necessary.

West Wall - Garage Closet After Extreme Garage MakeoverThere was also some wall space to spare for a garage closet. The garage closet is a specialty solution for large and bulky items that would not otherwise fit into any other storage system (i.e. an air compressor, wheel barrow, or golf clubs). This garage closet features a slat wall back instead of a back panel and no bottom panel at all. Various hook, clip, and basket accessories are available with slat wall making this a convenient solution for hanging a shovel, rake, broom, lawn trimmer, etc. It also comes equipped with bi-fold doors rather than conventional door fronts.

East Wall After Extreme Garage MakeoverFinally, we’ll take a look at the east wall. Previously clutter would meet the homeowners right as they entered the garage from the house. There were all sorts of items deposited on the stairs leading into their home. Those items have now been organized using a mix of cabinets and slat wall. A corner cabinet was used on the right side of the entrance. It was designed to fit perfectly between the garage door and a wall obstruction. On the other side slat wall and accessories are being utilized to keep sports balls, tennis rackets, and hockey sticks off the floor.

When we look at the before and after images of the full garage side by side it is absolutely clear that this was an extreme transformation. And for these homeowners, a huge weight has been lifted. They can now open their garage door with pride, boldly walk out into the garage to look for an item, and still park both of their cars inside with ease.

Extreme Garage Makeover Before & After

Are you struggling to get your garage organized or keep it that way? Have you turned your garage organization failure into a success? Please feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

If you happen to be someone who said “Yes!” to the first question above, you should know that you are not all that far away from success! Don’t give up until you have taken the time to explore the options. If you’re ready to give your own garage an extreme makeover click this link to claim a free, no-obligation consult with a certified RedLine Garagegear design and installation expert.

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"The features I like most about your system are the ability to customize as needed for space requirements along with the cost."

-Paul M., Wayzata, MN

"I went with Redline Garagegear because all outside doors, drawers, & finished side pieces are powder coated along with high quality hardware used."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"The product is of excellent quality. Heavy duty construction."

-Steven R., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"Perry was extremely professional and efficient and did a great job. He described it very well and his photos were very helpful."

-Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, MO

"Perry is the best! He has helped me from the early design phase through the installation. I have never had such OUTSTANDING customer service. "

-Richard C., Carlsbad, CA

"Bill was very helpful in getting a design put together and answering questions about installation. The cabinets themselves seemed the best of any I looked at."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis, MN

"Perry was very professional, and knowledgeable on all aspects of my project. He foresaw any potential problems that might arise with my project and addressed them.

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"The products are very well engineered, and the quality is unsurpassed. I really liked the ease of installation, and the finished look of the cabinets, I especially liked the off-the-floor design."

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"Bill Garrity was great to work with and his help was essential. The quality was excellent, from the finish of the doors and panels to the hinges and other hardware . . . I am really glad I found you guys"

-Woody S., Harrisburg, PA

"Perry, our project manager, was great! Hurricane sandy destroyed the area and every body is very busy! Perry got right back to us asap and now we know who we will call when we need more!"

- Rudy R., Bayville, NJ

"I am very happy with the quality of the cabinets and the counter top. Everything seems solid, not flimsy like some cabinets. I liked the idea of them not sitting on the floor and also liked having color choices."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis MN

"My project manager at Redline was very helpful. He was always available to answer all my questions."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"My project manager was outstanding. Prompt, knowledgeable and very personable. The powder coat finish is tough and durable."

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- Brad B., Waseca, MN

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