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How to Lose Customers & Alienate People

Pitch ManIt seems everywhere you go these days someone is trying to pitch you some great, new product or promotion. I don’t really know about you, but I’m personally not a big fan of high pressure sales, smooth talking salesman, or any sort of gimmick. I’ve always thought that a good product, a bit of education, and superb customer service is all I need as a consumer to make the all-important buying decision.

Since the powder coated wood garage cabinets RedLine Garagegear manufactures are truly an exceptional product, our garage storage design and installation experts can focus on providing exceptional customer service. Our consecutive Complaint Free Awards from the Better Business Bureau serve as proof of our high standards for customer care.

I can’t think of any better example of what we’re trying not to be than the car salesman from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Check out the clip below to see what I mean:

Watching that clip is quite entertaining, but seeing Ed the car salesman in action is enough to make anyone cringe. There are just so many things wrong with the way he has just treated his customer. Let’s break it down a bit shall we?

The CustomerLack of attention to detail – Ed doesn’t even know his customer’s name! In my opinion, this is where the transaction first begins to sour. I thought it was one thing to forget little Rusty’s name. No one really wants a salesperson knowing every detail of their life anyhow. But how do you forget the name of the guy who is going to be signing the check? If Ed can’t remember the name of his customer how will he ever remember what the customer even wants? Which brings us to…

Not knowing what the customer wants – Clark clearly knew what he wanted: “the Antartic blue super sports wagon with the CB and optional rally fun pack”. Ed, on the other hand, had no idea what Clark wanted. Frankly, Ed could probably have cared less because he had a car lot full of metallic pea wagon queen family trucksters he needed to unload. For this salesman, it’s no longer about giving the customer what he wants. Now, it’s all about convincing Clark that he has no idea what he wants. Which leads us to…

Ed the SalesmanTrying to convince the customer he doesn’t know what he wants – Now that his deceit and trickery has been laid bare, Ed unleashes a sales spiel to try preserving his commissions. He just knows he can unload a truckerster on this guy so he tries to convince Clark that the truckster is a superior car. “Trust me,” Ed says in so many words, “I know what you want better than you do. Not to mention it’s going to be six weeks before I can actually get you what you want.”

“Oh sure!,” Clark said in just as many words, “I would love to schedule another waste of my time with you to have the same conversation six weeks from now looking at the same metallic pea wagon queen family truckster.”

Now he is ready to take his business elsewhere. But there won’t be an easy way out of this one. Seeing the prey attempt to slip from his grasp, the professional salesman is willing to strong-arm the customer in order to make the sale. And so we arrive at…

Strong-arming the customer to make a sale – While Ed is unleashing the finer points of his sleazy sales technique, he knowingly allows the old Grizwold family vehicle that was being traded in to be crushed. Having now convinced his customer that there is no other option, the salesman can easily complete another successful attack on a hapless consumer. Clark is forced to take the wagon queen home and convince himself on the way (then his wife when he arrives) that he really did change his mind.

RL - Hi-Res Fairchild GarageAt RedLine Garagegear we don’t want to pitch our customers because we don’t like to be pitched. Our design and installation experts don’t have to go through a sales script. They can spend more time learning what it is that you want and need. Instead of trying to convince our customers they don’t know what they want, we take the time to educate them on all the options available. We get to know what they need to store and what their garage looks like before offering any suggestions. And strong-arming a customer. Seriously?! Who ever thought that was a good idea?

So if you’re tired of looking at the mess in your garage and want to see some of the high quality, custom options available to you give RedLine Garagegear a call today: (877) 624-2332. You will be connected to a real live person who will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here…No pressure.

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"Perry is the best! He has helped me from the early design phase through the installation. I have never had such OUTSTANDING customer service. "

-Richard C., Carlsbad, CA

"My experience with Redline Garagegear was the best. Love the quality and glad I decided to look into this product."

-Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, MO

"Perry was very professional, and knowledgeable on all aspects of my project. He foresaw any potential problems that might arise with my project and addressed them.

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"Bill Garrity was great to work with and his help was essential. The quality was excellent, from the finish of the doors and panels to the hinges and other hardware . . . I am really glad I found you guys"

-Woody S., Harrisburg, PA

"I am very happy with the quality of the cabinets and the counter top. Everything seems solid, not flimsy like some cabinets. I liked the idea of them not sitting on the floor and also liked having color choices."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis MN

"Perry, our project manager, was great! Hurricane sandy destroyed the area and every body is very busy! Perry got right back to us asap and now we know who we will call when we need more!"

- Rudy R., Bayville, NJ

"The features I like most about your system are the ability to customize as needed for space requirements along with the cost."

-Paul M., Wayzata, MN

"The quality of the product is exceptional. When things were delivered all pieces were carefully wrapped and protected. I also liked all the color options and the lifetime warranty."

- Brad B., Waseca, MN

"The products are very well engineered, and the quality is unsurpassed. I really liked the ease of installation, and the finished look of the cabinets, I especially liked the off-the-floor design."

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"My project manager at Redline was very helpful. He was always available to answer all my questions."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"The product is of excellent quality. Heavy duty construction."

-Steven R., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"My project manager was outstanding. Prompt, knowledgeable and very personable. The powder coat finish is tough and durable."

-Glen S., Fulshear, TX

"Perry was extremely professional and efficient and did a great job. He described it very well and his photos were very helpful."

-Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, MO

"I went with Redline Garagegear because all outside doors, drawers, & finished side pieces are powder coated along with high quality hardware used."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"Bill was very helpful in getting a design put together and answering questions about installation. The cabinets themselves seemed the best of any I looked at."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis, MN

"Perry was exceptionally helpful, and very knowledgeable of the product and installation. It was easy for a do-it-yourself-er."

-Henry M., Midlothian, VA