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8 Reasons Why Our Garage Business Opportunity Is Better Than A Franchise

RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets showroom displayWhen RedLine garagegear was started a decade ago, we thought long and hard about how we would get our products in front of consumers. We knew from the very beginning that our garage cabinets and storage systems needed to be sold in a showroom setting.

Sure, I could talk all day about the exceptional quality of our product. I would have no problem explaining how RedLine garagegear garage cabinets have been engineered specifically for the garage environment; and have a powder coat finish that is both protective and aesthetic. Heck, I could easily spend an hour just talking about how you can hear the quality difference of the doors on our cabinets as opposed to the flimsy metal kind because they close with a ‘thud’ rather than a ‘ting’!

But unfortunately, homeowners really aren’t interested in hearing us monologue about garage cabinets. What they really want is to be able to see and feel why what we have to offer is superior to the other options out there. They also want exceptional customer service from a local, trustworthy source.

franchise modelNaturally, we spent quite a bit of time considering the franchise model first. A franchise offers a number of key benefits that we definitely wanted to be able to offer. We found, however, there were also a number of downsides to the franchise model that can make it more of burden than asset for the franchisee.

Our Garage Cabinets Dealer Program was designed to have all the positive benefits one would get from being a part of franchise without placing the local business under the thumb of a meddlesome corporate office.

We currently have approximately 100 authorized dealers in our network selling RedLine garagegear garage cabinets in protected local territories throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our dealer network is constantly growing and we are actively recruiting local business owners and entrepreneurs to partner with.

I’m often asked what makes our dealer program different and ultimately better than many of the franchise opportunities available elsewhere. So let’s examine some of the advantages:

1. The chance to offer your customers a great product – All of the other benefits wouldn’t really matter much without this one. RedLine garagegear garage cabinets are custom manufactured at our facilities here in beautiful Northern Illinois. There are RedLine garagegear storage systemmore than 500 different RedLine cabinet options available; so you can help your customers create a storage solution that fits their garage perfectly and has a place for everything they need to store. RedLine garagegear cabinets have a powder coat finish that protects them from temperature extremes, humidity, spills, rough handling, UV rays, and a variety of other damaging elements that may be present in the garage. The smooth and seamless powder coat is available in more than a dozen colors and looks great too. The cabinets use heavy duty hardware and dovetailed birch drawer boxes to ensure they will last. Even still, your customers can rest easy because we offer an industry leading lifetime warranty!  The great thing about our product is that once people see and feel the quality as compared to the other options, they don’t need to be sold on its superiority because they’re already convinced.

2. No franchise fees or royalties – Yes you read that right! There is no fee or royalty for being a part of our Garage Cabinets Dealer Program. One of the biggest downsides of the franchise model are the huge upfront franchise fees and yearly royalties you have to pay just for being a franchisee. How can a local business expand, grow, and thrive when corporate is skimming a huge percentage of profits off the top? Simply put, it’s tough, if not impossible. Your prices would have to be insanely high just to cover your fee and royalties. We don’t charge you an exorbitant up front franchise fee and then straddle you with a monthly or yearly royalty for good measure. You only pay us when you sell product. This allows you to be competitive in your market and also pass savings on to your customers.

3. No inventory costs – Many franchises force you to have a huge inventory of product and make you meet warehouse for inventorycertain monthly or yearly purchasing goals. Our dealer program doesn’t have such requirements. You don’t need a huge warehouse or tons of storage space to be a RedLine authorized agent; and you’re free to run your business as lean as you’d like. We do not have any “stock cabinets”; so when orders come in we’re not just pulling cabinets off a warehouse shelf and packing them up for shipping. All of our garage cabinets are custom made “just in time” after the order is placed.

4. Short lead times – Even though all of our cabinets are manufactured “just in time”, we still ship out orders within 3-5 business days. Most manufacturers offering “custom” solutions for just about anything will need at least six to eight weeks (maybe more) to get an order ready to be shipped. Over the years we have been able to develop very efficient manufacturing processes that enable us to cut lead times significantly. We realize that making the customer wait is never good for business; so we’re doing our part to make sure orders are shipped quickly and accurately.

Phew! We’re only half way through and already we’ve covered quite a bit. So are you convinced at this point that RedLine is better than a franchise? If you’re thinking, “Yeah, this sounds great! Where do I sign up?”, just click the following link (www.RedLineGaragegear.com/Opportunities) to learn more about the program and to start the application process. Still not convinced? Perhaps the next 4 benefits will put it over the top for you:

5. Design and pricing software – In the modern tech world, few things can be more unimpressive for your rds drawingcustomers than presenting them with a hand sketched drawing of their storage system. So if you’re also giving them a price quote that is basically just your best “guestimate”, you’ve pretty much just ushered the ‘Wow’ factor out the door. Meanwhile, RedLine garagegear dealers have no problem dazzling their customers with realistic 3D garage cabinet designs and giving them price quotes that are far more exact. The robust 3D design software includes all the cabinets and powder coat colors we offer; as well as cabinet parts and components for creating additional custom solutions. The pricing software seamlessly integrates with the design software to make creating proposals and purchase orders easy and efficient for you!

6. Exceptional customer service – Unlike many of the manufacturers or suppliers you may work with, we are committed to providing you with great customer service. When you work with RedLine garagegear, you don’t have to worry about us missing parts, or shipping your orders late, or making any other mistakes on your orders. We want to help you succeed and those are the sort of things that can cost you time and money. We’re committed to making sure your order is right the first time and shipped on schedule. And on the off chance we do mess something up, we get it fixed for you right away. We’re not afraid to admit a mistake, make an apology, and make it right. Making you and your customer happy will always come before our bottom line. We care about the success of every entrepreneur in our Garage Cabinets Dealer Program and we are committed to helping you take full advantage of this opportunity.

7. Protected sales territory – A brand competing against itself in the same general area has never really made very much sense to me. And can you imagine how the entrepreneur getting encroached on by the company store must feel? Every dealer in our Garage Cabinets Dealer Program is set up in a protected territory to prevent internal competition and inefficient overlaps. You’ll never have to worry about competing with another dealer offering the same thing at a slightly cheaper price point just up the street. And you’ll never see a company store open up in the new strip mall across town.
training class

8. Hands on training – Once you complete the application process and officially become an authorized dealer of RedLine garagegear; we don’t just leave you to figure things out on your own. We provide hands on training that helps you learn how to use the software, how to market the product, how shipping works, and RedLine standard operating procedures. Most of the training takes place over two days at our training and manufacturing facilities in South Beloit, IL. We provide additional training (if necessary) via phone and / or webinar as well.

That completes the list of the 8 reasons why our Garage Cabinets Dealer Program is better than a franchise and that just about does it for this post. I think I’ve said enough already. But before you run off to the next shiny object, click here to learn more about our dealer program. We just might be looking for a qualified authorized dealer candidate in your area.

Still not convinced? Maybe we should talk. Give me a call (815-543-0017) or send me a quick email (bill@redlinegaragegear.com). Perhaps there is an unanswered question or maybe you just need to be reassured because you’ve been burned before by other suppliers. I promise we’re different.

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"Perry was extremely professional and efficient and did a great job. He described it very well and his photos were very helpful."

-Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, MO

"Perry is the best! He has helped me from the early design phase through the installation. I have never had such OUTSTANDING customer service. "

-Richard C., Carlsbad, CA

"I am very happy with the quality of the cabinets and the counter top. Everything seems solid, not flimsy like some cabinets. I liked the idea of them not sitting on the floor and also liked having color choices."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis MN

"Bill Garrity was great to work with and his help was essential. The quality was excellent, from the finish of the doors and panels to the hinges and other hardware . . . I am really glad I found you guys"

-Woody S., Harrisburg, PA

"My experience with Redline Garagegear was the best. Love the quality and glad I decided to look into this product."

-Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, MO

"The quality of the product is exceptional. When things were delivered all pieces were carefully wrapped and protected. I also liked all the color options and the lifetime warranty."

- Brad B., Waseca, MN

"Perry was very professional, and knowledgeable on all aspects of my project. He foresaw any potential problems that might arise with my project and addressed them.

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"The features I like most about your system are the ability to customize as needed for space requirements along with the cost."

-Paul M., Wayzata, MN

"My project manager at Redline was very helpful. He was always available to answer all my questions."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"The products are very well engineered, and the quality is unsurpassed. I really liked the ease of installation, and the finished look of the cabinets, I especially liked the off-the-floor design."

-Dennis B., Roseburg, OR

"The product is of excellent quality. Heavy duty construction."

-Steven R., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"I went with Redline Garagegear because all outside doors, drawers, & finished side pieces are powder coated along with high quality hardware used."

-Brad B., Waseca, MN

"Bill was very helpful in getting a design put together and answering questions about installation. The cabinets themselves seemed the best of any I looked at."

-Nancy J., Minneapolis, MN

"Perry, our project manager, was great! Hurricane sandy destroyed the area and every body is very busy! Perry got right back to us asap and now we know who we will call when we need more!"

- Rudy R., Bayville, NJ

"My project manager was outstanding. Prompt, knowledgeable and very personable. The powder coat finish is tough and durable."

-Glen S., Fulshear, TX

"Perry was exceptionally helpful, and very knowledgeable of the product and installation. It was easy for a do-it-yourself-er."

-Henry M., Midlothian, VA