Custom Garage Cabinets and Garage Storage Solutions in Greensboro

RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets were designed for the garage environment, and offer features most other manufacturers can’t match. From durable powder-coated finishes to our wall-hung, off-the-floor design, garagegear storage cabinets are built to last. With more than 500 cabinet choices, Garagegear offers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage for maximum use of your space. And Garagegear carries a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty!

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Garagegear is custom-built in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your finished cabinets meet exacting quality standards (and your expectations). No off-the-shelf solutions or inferior cabinets that are shipped from overseas! In a week or so, your completed cabinets will ship directly to your home for installation. Watch the video to the left, seen on the Hometime TV show, to see what RedLine Garagegear could do for you.

Your Source for Quality Garage Cabinets & Flooring in Greensboro

Garagegear is offered only through Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage, Inc. in the Greensboro area. We will come to your home to discuss your needs and budget and will design a custom solution for you. When your cabinets arrive, we will install everything for you. Installation usually only takes a day or two.

Let the professionals at Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage design and install a garage storage system or garage floor coating for you. You will feel right at home with the huge selection at Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage.

Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage, Inc. – Serving Greensboro Since 2006

RedLine garagegear is excited to introduce our local authorized agent serving Greensboro, NC and the surrounding areas. We are confident you are in able hands when you work with the fine folks at Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage. And now a word from the owner, Chris Holloway…

We started our business to support our customers that wanted more than just our traditional interior and exterior painting. Many of our customers wanted to have beautiful garage floors they could be proud of and use to show off their cars. They also wanted nice cement coatings for their “Man” and/or “Woman” Caves.

We started providing coatings from acid stains to Lifetime Warrantied PolyUrea based products that simply blew our customers away with the many possibilities and beautiful finished products. But the real story is why I wanted to get in this business in the first place.

I used to be an executive in the textile and later, automotive industry. My job required me to travel internationally and way too frequently. After going through the experience of having to lay many people off when their jobs were moved to a low cost area, I began to feel there must be a better way to make a living. Then the traveling and job requirements because excessive and I just said “enough is enough”.

So now, I am servicing people that are in my community with quality products. I have a work force that is excellent and well trained. I am very happy with what we do and how we do it.

Are we perfect? No way, but we are getting better and better every day.

We have 5 main rules for our team members:

  • No smoking on the job. Period.
  • No bad language.
  • No radios (iPhones and such are permitted as long as they are used with ear phones and do not create safety issues).
  • Use common sense.
  • Practice Respect in everything we do.

These 5 rules are easily understood and followed. When combined with good training and outstanding products, they result in a terrific experience our customers brag about to their friends.

We are a business driven by Word of Mouth. We depend on customers telling others about our products and services. We strive to be a different kind of service company.

After many years of offering high quality paint and concrete / garage floor coatings for our customers, we beganlooking for an opportunity to provide a high quality storage solution as well. One of our floor coating suppliers recommended we check out RedLine garagegear products. After traveling to the RedLine factory and meeting with the folks there, I was sold on the great Garage Cabinets and Lifetime Warranty that went with them.

Now, we offer full-turn key design and installation services for all your garage organization needs!

Ready to get started? Give us a call today (336-391-3617) or fill out the form to the right. We look forward to meeting you!

Piedmont Custom Garage & Storage, Inc.

RedLine Garagegear of Greensboro

My Garage and Closet Guy!

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