Custom Garage Cabinets and Garage Storage Solutions in Montgomery

There is no local dealer in your area at this time unfortunately. RedLine garagegear is still available to you for purchase, however, through our Customer Direct Program. More information on buying garage cabinets direct from the manufacturer is below.

At this point you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Montgomery area that offers a line of garage storage solutions with more quality features and / or cabinet options than RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets. Designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of the typical Montgomery garage environment; these storage cabinets are built to last. Choose from our selection of more than 500 cabinets to piece together a system that takes advantage of the space available in your garage from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. With a durable powder coat finish, the off-the-floor design, and a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty you can guarantee your storage solution will be functional and look good many years down the road!

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We’re not a warehouse of containers filled with subpar cabinets shipped from overseas and we have far more to offer than any limited stock option you might find at the local home center. Every Garagegear cabinet is custom manufactured in our state of the art production plant giving us full control over the entire process. Our high standards for quality control ensure each cabinet meets our own rigorous standards as well as your expectations. Take a moment right now to watch the video clip to the left of RedLine being installed on a project for the syndicated television series HomeTime. Our friends from the hit home improvement show do a great job of showing the possibilities available to you with RedLine garagegear.

Customer Direct Program

We are still looking for a suitable candidate to become the local authorized agent of RedLine garagegear in the Montgomery area so you have the option of working with the manufacturer directly. Simply enter your Postal / Zip Code in the below box and click the ‘Go’ button to be redirected to a page that explains more about our Customer Direct Program.


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RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Available In Montgomery

Interested in a
Business Opportunity
in Montgomery?

RedLine garagegear is working hard to change America one garage at a time and we’re looking for an individual or company in the Montgomery area willing to help us in our cause.

As a RedLine agent you will be a part of an exclusive group of local businesses that have the option of offering our RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets, as well as our line of closet components, RedLine Closet Systems. Upon becoming an agent you will be given a sales territory that will never be infringed on by another RedLine agent or the factory itself. We’re not a franchise, so you will never have to worry about an upfront franchise fee or a royalty. Plus we give you all the training and support you need to be successful. We are a forthright, trustworthy and customer service oriented company and we’re looking for individuals or businesses in that same mold.

You do not need to have any experience to become a RedLine agent. Before being tasked with helping customers determine their needs; designing storage solutions for them; and doing the install, we will fully train you and your staff. We also provide continued support, the software you will use to create the designs, and, of course, the products.

We feel that RedLine garagegear is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to options and aesthetics as well. There is so much we have to offer both established businesses and brand new start ups. Let us help you grow and thrive!

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