Custom Garage Cabinets and Garage Storage Solutions in Tallahassee

Regrettably, we have not yet found a dealer for your area as of this time. Through our Customer Direct Program, however, you have the option of working with a project manager to purchase RedLine garagegear direct from the factory. Continue reading below for more information on buying direct.

Your typical Tallahassee garage will most likely be a hot and muggy place, but most manufacturers don’t design their cabinets for such conditions. RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets on the other hand have been designed to stand up under the pressure of any garage environment. A durable powder coat finish protects the cabinets from harmful UV rays (and will not fade over time); high humidity; spills; and rough handling. To make them less susceptible to damage and easier to cleaner under, RedLine cabinets hang on the wall. Those features along with heavy duty hardware and a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty mean you can expect your storage system to last. Our more than 500 cabinet options allow you to create a solution from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

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You may have already tried using the organization solutions you found at the big box store or some cabinet shipped in a container from overseas. The poor quality and limited options probably left you disappointed and feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse. We take pride in the garage cabinets we offer and have instituted exacting standards for quality so we can meet and exceed your expectations. After you have finalized a layout with the help of your project manager, we custom build your system and ship it directly to your home ready to be installed. The video clip to the right shows the folks behind the hit syndicated television series HomeTime working with RedLine garagegear garage cabinets. Take a moment right now to watch it and to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Customer Direct Program

While we work on finding a local RedLine dealer in the Tallahassee area, you can work with one of our project managers to create a design and purchase cabinets direct from the factory. To get started with our Customer Direct Program, enter your Postal / Zip Code in the box below and click ‘Go’.


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RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets Available In Tallahassee

Interested in a
Business Opportunity
in Tallahassee?

Are you interested in helping us improve America one garage at a time? We are currently looking for a company or individual who would like to join our cause and offer our products locally.

We have a network of local dealers (Agents) who sell our two product lines, RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets and closet components from RedLine Closet Systems, in assigned and protected territories throughout the United States and Canada. We do not compete with our local dealers and never set up two agents to compete against each other within our network. We will fully train you and provide support as you begin to learn and grow with your business. Best of all we don’t burden you with a ghastly upfront franchise fee or saddle you with any sort of royalty because you’re not buying into a franchise. When you partner with RedLine you are joining with a trustworthy, honest company that puts a huge emphasis on providing excellent customer service. We are hoping to find an existing business or start up in Tallahassee who holds the same values.

No previous experience of any kind is required to become a RedLine agent. After completing our training course you will be fully equipped and confident to help your customers figure out what they need and create a design that matches their needs. We will also teach you how to place orders and install the product. We provide the design software, all the training you will need, updates and support, and the product, of course.

Whether you are an existing local business or start up trying to break into one of the hottest areas in home renovation, you want to offer your customer products of the highest quality. And RedLine garagegear has quite a bit to offer.

Just click the button below to get more details about becoming a RedLine dealer.


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