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Garage Storage Solutions

Answers for all those pesky garage storage problems

Some manufacturers think of their garage cabinets as products, we think of them as solutions. Solutions to your garage space and storage problems. With more than 400 garage cabinet choices, we offer an incredible number of cabinets, shelves, drawers, bins and specialty cabinets, all designed to solve your garage storage problems. Add slatwall and overhead storage rack options, and we can satisfy almost any garage storage needs. And everything has been designed for ease-of-use, easy maintenance and long life.

custom garage storage solutions

Organizing your tools

If you have just a few tools, or many, you want to find them quickly and easily. When you finish, you need a place to return them so you can find them next time. Our drawer units have been designed to be used in an almost endless number of configurations with lower cabinets and tall storage cabinets.

garage storage systems should include bin storage

Managing nuts
and bolts

Nuts, bolts, small parts…always a nuisance to keep them organized, easy to find and in easy reach. We have an answer with our Storage Bin Pullout cabinet. With 32 removable bins, you can keep a lot of small stuff organized and in easy reach.

slat wall make a great home storage solution

Storing sports gear and toys

Any family with kids knows about toys littering the garage floor. Bikes, wagons, sports gear and more. We have a perfect solution…hang them on the wall. StoreWall™ slatwall has hooks, bins, shelves and baskets to hang all those odd shaped or bulky items.

organize with lockers

Organizing your kids

Kids of all sizes have an interesting method for putting stuff away…throw them in the corner, or leave them where they take them off. Pretty soon you’ll hear, “Mom, have you seen my baseball glove?”, or “Where are my shoes?” We have a perfect solution…lockers. Places to hang coats and sports equipment, bins to store shoes or smaller items, and even a convenient seat. Get several lockers, and each family member can have their own space.

slatwall garden tool storage

Storing yard and garden tools

Racks, shovels, hoses and other yard items tend to occupy the corners of our garage space. Get them off your floor and hang them from the wall, in sight and within easy reach.

overhead storage rack

Storing large or
bulky items

Where do you keep those boxes and bins of things that always accumulate? Overhead, of course. Our Super-Pro Ceiling Storage Racks are an economical way to add additional storage overhead.