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The Garage Can Be the Best Storage Place in the House

Discover 4 easy ways to organize your garage. Absolutely anyone can have success in organizing the garage by following these four simple steps.

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Tips to Gain Extra Storage at Home

When most people think of “storage” they generally think of places with hundreds and hundreds of units where one must pay to house items that, for one reason or another, cannot be stored in their home. For many it refers to a place completely detached from their permanent residence. There is a great storage option […]

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Time To Prepare for Spring Cleaning

It’s hard to believe that we are already into March. Sunny days are upon us and that usually means getting to all those home improvement jobs leftover from last spring/summer. Home improvement is a great way to increase your property values. In addition, adding new features and amenities or simple routine maintenance can positively impact […]

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Neighbor’s Home Improvement Project Brings Down the House

House Falling Apart SmallNow here is a home improvement disaster. What if your neighbor's home renovations caused your house to crack down the middle?

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Are You Still Celebrating Christmas?

Is your lack of a functional garage storage system preventing you from taking those decorations down?If you've still got your Christmas decorations on display you might have a disorganized garage. Find out how to get your space organized so you can finally take down the inflatable holiday decorations and lights.

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Meet The Handyguys

Please allow us to introduce the handyguys behind the Handyguy's Podcast. We're proud to be one of the sponsors of this awesome home improvement video series!

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Extreme Garage Makeover: Epic Garage Organization Failure Cleaned Up

Having a tough time getting or keeping your garage organized? Check out this extreme garage makeover post for some tips and ideas.

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Handyguys Address Smoke Alarms Working at the Wrong Time

Smoke DetectorSmoke alarms are great for giving you a heads up when there's too much smoke in an area of your house. The sound that comes from the circular contraption can be pretty annoying, however, when it sounds and there's no smoke to be detected. Check out this post to find out how to fix that.

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The Handyguys Talk About Hammer Drills

Hammer DrillsDo you know the difference between a regular drill, a hammer drill, and an impact driver? It can be easy to confuse one for the other if you don't know what they do. Fortunately, our good friends over at the Handyguys Podcast can clear this one up for us.

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Options for Transporting Your Tools

ToolboxGetting all the tools you need for a project inside the house or somewhere else entirely can be a hassle without some sort of portable toolbox. Not sure what options are available to you? Not to worry! Our friends at the Handyguys Podcast put together a video to show what you can get.

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