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We love our customersWhat do our customers say?
"Perry is the best! He has helped me from the early design phase through the installation. I have never had such OUTSTANDING customer service. "

––Richard C., Carlsbad, California

"I went with Redline Garagegear because all outside doors, drawers, & finished side pieces are powder coated and high quality hardware was used."

––Brad B., Waseca, Minnesota

"Perry was extremely professional and efficient and did a great job. He described it very well and his photos were very helpful."

––Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, Missouri

"The quality of the product is exceptional. When things were delivered all pieces were carefully wrapped and protected. I also liked all the color options and the lifetime warranty."

––Brad B., Waseca, Minnesota

"The products are very well engineered, and the quality is unsurpassed. I really liked the ease of installation, and the finished looked of the cabinets, I especially liked the off-the-floor design."

––Dennis B, Roseburg, Oregon

"Perry, our project manager, was great! Hurricane Sandy destroyed the area and everybody is very busy! Perry got right back to us asap and now we know who we will call when we need more!"

––Rudy R., Bayville New, Jersey

"The features I like most about your system are the ability to customize as needed for space requirements along with the cost."

––Paul M., Wayzata, Minnesota

"The product is of excellent quality. Heavy duty construction."

––Steven R., New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Perry was very professional, and knowledgeable on all aspects of my project. He foresaw any potential problems that might arise with my project and addressed them."

––Dennis B, Roseburg, Oregon

"My experience with Redline Garagegear was the best. I love the quality and glad I decided to look into this product."

––Juanita W., Saint Genevieve, Missouri

"I am very happy with the quality of the cabinets and the counter top. Everything seems solid, not flimsy like some cabinets. I liked the idea of them not sitting on the floor and also liked having color choices."

––Nancy J., Minneapolis Minnesota

"Perry was exceptionally helpful, and very knowledgeable about product and installation. It was easy for a do-it-yourself-er."

––Henry M., Midlothian, Virginia

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