A Quick Tour of the Redline Garagegear Website

Welcome to the Redline Garagegear Website!  Feel free to take an extended look through this redine website tour.

Redline is different because of how we operate.  We don’t offer just a few products where you have to just ‘make do’.  We offer over 500 different cabinet choices in eleven colors, slotwall and all the accessories, along with overhead racks to gain space at the ceiling.  All this to make it right.

Below you will find a quick overview of how we can take your garage and turn it into the organized garage you really want.

garage cabinet design installationPicture and Video Gallery
In the Galleries section of our website you will find a variety of photos that should give you some ideas of what you might want in your garage storage system.

Our garage cabinets and storage systems have been featured multiple times on the hit television series HomeTime with Dean Johnson. The HomeTime series is one of the longest running home improvement shows on television.


specialty garage cabinetGarage Cabinets and Workbenches

The Garage Cabinets pages of the site will guide you through all of the features, benefits, and options available from RedLine Garagegear.  Our powder coated wood products were designed specifically for use in the garage environment.

Trouble organizing your tools?  Tired of hauling them from one project to the next?  Are you looking for a heavy duty counter top?  You need to check out our Workbench page. There you will find everything you need to know about our rolling and stationary garage workbenches.

specialty garage cabinetOverhead Storage and Slatwall Storage
To get the most out of your garage storage space we might recommend a system that incorporates overhead storage racks as well as slat wall systems. Both will help clear up floor space while storing items in a neat, organized manner.  There are many accessories available to hold specific things along with baskets and shelves that can be used to store a variety of things.



specialty garage cabinetCustomer Service
I just want you to know that we will never use high pressure sales tactics. Quite frankly, we’ve never had to employ sleazy sales gimmicks. Which is why we can spend so much time focusing on providing you with exceptional customer service. Click the link to go to one of our favorite blog posts on customer service.