Wife Surprises Husband with a New Garage and Variety of Garage Storage Options

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After years of marriage, it can get hard to find ways to surprise your significant other. Jane from Houston, Texas thought of a great way to surprise her husband while he was away for a business trip. She and her husband’s house were approximately 20 years old and the garage needed to have some improvements done. Jane wanted to transform her garage completely. She wanted a floor coating as well as garage storage cabinets.So, what a great time to do remodeling. For this project to turn out perfect, Jane needed help and a lot of it. This was a project that she couldn’t do herself, especially with a time crunch. She needed help and ideas on how to make their garage the best it can be. Therefore, she turned to Home Advisor to help her find the best people in her area to do the job.

Global Garage Flooring and Design

global garage flooring

Home Advisor recommended Global Garage Flooring and Design in Houston to help her with her surprise project. Global Garage Flooring and Design is an authorized Redline Garagegear dealer. They specialize in epoxy flooring and wood garage storage cabinets. Jane needed exactly that. She needed someone to be able to customize the garage how she wanted it and have it also be great quality.

Jane reached out to them to get all the information she needed like pricing, designs and a time frame. Sure enough, Global Garage Flooring arranged a home visit the Jane that same week to review the garage, obtain garage dimensions and discuss preliminary cabinet and slatwall design preferences.

Garage design

There weren’t specific things Jane and her husband wanted to store. It was all basic things that they wanted to store: bikes, tools, golf clubs, etc. The problem was that Jane didn’t know what kind of design she wanted. All she was looking for a garage storage system that they could use to improve garage storage and organization. When Global Garage Flooring went for the home visit, they went back to their offices to draw something up for Jane. After two revisions of the design, Jane approved, and the project went to Redline Garagegear for the making of the burgundy colored cabinets.

design proposal for jane

Garage Flooring

before picture of garage floor

Before they install the garage storage set , Global Garage Flooring works on the floor first. The state of the Jane’s garage was like any other garage you can think of. There were oil stains on the floor, dirty, and stained with more than just oil. The floor urgently needed repair.

Global Garage Flooring installed a chip polyaspartic floor. A polyaspartic is a floor coating that goes on top of concrete floor. This coating makes the floor very resistant. It does not fade, yellow or peel due to sunlight expose. It is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals including oil and grease. Jane’s husband can easily clean up oil and grease stains that happen to be on the floor. 

polyaspartic floor coating

No matter what the scenario is, the floor will look just as good as the first day. The great thing about it too is that it’s a one-day installation. This was a big benefit for Jane because this remodeling was in a time crunch to be able to surprise her husband.

Garage storage options

Once Global Garage Flooring submitted the order to Redline Garagegear, it took about 2 weeks for Redline to customize the garage cabinets the Jane requested. After the cabinets arrived and the floor was completely done, it was time to install the garage storage systems.

Back wall garage storage systems

There were two garage storage cabinets that Jane wanted in 2 different parts of the garage. The first garage storage set was going on the back wall of the garage.

garage storage cabinets

The back wall has five tall cabinets measuring 32Wx49Hx23D. These tall cabinets are perfect to store gardening tools, drills, cleaning supplies, or any type of tools. Even if you don’t have many things to store, having garage cabinets is a huge plus. They show organization and improve your garage significantly. 

Centering these tall cabinets in the center, it allowed to have the left side and the right-side wall available for other things. On the left side of the garage storage cabinets Jane put a fridge that will be great for storing cold refreshments. It can get thirsty when you are doing yard work or doing work on your cars.

On the right side of the garage cabinets, you can see a white slatwall. The slatwall blends in perfectly with the white garage walls.

garage wall storage

If you look at the digital design at the bottom, you can see that it turned out exactly how Global Garage Flooring showed Jane. The location of the slatwall gave plenty of space for Jane and her husband to hang two bicycles on the wall. Jane ordered three horizontal bike racks to be able to hang them on the wall.

back garage wall design

Right garage wall

Taking advantage of every space in the garage is important to make the best out of their garage storage. On the right side of the garage wall, there are more garage storage options. Looking at the wall from left to right you can see there is garage workbench with storage. There are two different cabinets that make up the base cabinets. The left side of the base cabinet is a three-drawer base unit that measures 32Wx30Hx23D. The right side of the base cabinet is a 2 door stretch base unit that measures 29.250Wx29.764Hx23D. This drawer is perfect to make the size of it the exact measurements to fill in the space.

garage storage systems

To make the most out of the garage walls, Global Garage Flooring installed a slatwall between the two doors that are on the right side wall of the garage. In addition to the slatwall, Jane also purchased a garden center kit. This kit allowed her to hang and store various objects. Some objects are rakes, fertilizer, watering tools, or even a shovel. Everything you need to give your garden maintenance fits all on one wall. 

Proposed design of right garage wall

right wall garage design

After results of right garage wall

car garage storage

Left garage wall

Global Garage Flooring thought adding a slatwall to the left wall of the garage would be the idea choice. Having the slatwall on the wall would not get in the way of the cars when it was time to park them. Having the option to hang on the wall was a great alternative. 

garage storage organization

Jane has a few bikes and a lot of golf equipment. Those things can get tricky to store because if they are set on the floor, it takes up a lot of the space. If you don’t clean your garage floor now, you can hate yourself later. So, Jane bought a sports accessory kit to go along with her slatwall. These accessories allowed them to hang their golf equipment onto the slatwall. Not only did this save them a lot of space but it also makes their garage look that much better.

Proposed design of left garage wall

left garage wall design

After results of left garage wall

ideas for garage storage

Surprising Jane’s husband

Everything that Global Garage Flooring proposed to Jane, ending up exactly how they drew it for her. Her and her husband ended up with many garage storage options. All of it is fitting their needs and their lifestyle. Even though the work was on a time crunch, Global Garage Flooring managed to pull it off. The project is complete before Jane’s husband arrived back from his business trip. Jane’s husband comes back to see an outstanding brand-new garage. A garage that Jane’s husband will love to be in all the time.

garage storage cabinetsgarage storage systemsgarage storage organization

And if the story couldn’t get any more unique. The garage is close to a heavily traveled street. Many neighbors stopped by to admire the work afterwards.

Jane’s neighbor that happens to live across the street is a custom builder and stopped by to inspect the job. The neighbor was very impressed with the flooring and cabinets and got the chance to meet with the owner of Global Garage Flooring. This new connection will now lead to potential future referrals and more happy customers like Jane and her husband!

There are many ways you can organize your garage on a budget. If you would like to transform your garage just like Jane did, take a look at our Garage Makeover Guide and the Redline Garagegear Catalog to get some ideas on how you can transform yours.