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Authorized Cherry Creek Area Redline Agent

Gorilla Garage Gear

Your Local Cherry Creek Redline Garagegear Agent​

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Gorilla Garage Gear is the only Authorized Redline Agent offering Redline Garagegear garage cabinets and Redline Closet Systems in the Cherry Creek NY area. From durable powder-coated finishes to our wall-hung, off-the-floor design, Garagegear storage cabinets are built to last. With more than 500 cabinet choices, Garagegear offers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage for maximum use of your space. And Garagegear carries a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Garagegear is custom-built in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your finished cabinets meet exacting quality standards (and your expectations). No off-the-shelf solutions or inferior cabinets that are shipped from overseas! In a week or so, your completed cabinets will ship directly to your home for installation.

Watch the video below, shown on the Hometime TV show, to see what Redline Garagegear could do for you.

Gorilla Garage Gear
Redline Garagegear Cherry Creek NY

Gorilla Garage Gear

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Your Source for Garage Storage and Flooring in the Cherry Creek Area

See what Hometime TV says about RedLine Garagegear
See what Hometime TV says about RedLine Garagegear

Homeowners in the greater Cherry Creek area have the pleasure of working with authorized Redline agent, Gorilla Garage Gear. Their professional design team can help you create custom home and garage storage systems that will fit your budget and all your storage needs exactly. After your cabinets have been manufactured, their professional install crew will go to work installing your system (a process that can take anywhere from one to two days depending on the size of your project).

Gorilla Garage Gear offers the largest selection of custom and do-it-yourself storage solutions for the garage and home in the area. Let their innovative designers and expert installers help you with your next garage or closet organization project.

The Gorilla Garage Gear product line includes: Redline Garagegear garage cabinets; Redline Closet Systems; Handiwall slatwall panels and accessories; a variety of overhead storage racks; and a number of other garage and home accessories. The local home and garage organization experts also offer garage flooring options as well.

Proudly Serving Cherry Creek NY and the Surrounding Area

Homeowners in Western New York will now be able to work with an authorized agent to design and install Redline Garagegear in their garages. We are excited to partner with Gorilla Garage Gear to provide our powder coated wood garage cabinets.

Like so many other Redline Garagegear authorized agents, Gorilla Garage Gear was born out of necessity. Company owner, Joe Iafallo was struggling with a two and a half car garage that was in complete disarray.Bicycles, a lawn mower, and garden tools could be seen strewn about the garage floor. And Mrs. Iafallo could barely park her car because of all the stuff.

As an an engineer Joe organizes and coordinates operations to make his customers more efficient. He wanted to apply some of the same lessons and principles from his profession into his home.

Like many of our customers, Joe began looking at the local big box stores for organization gear. He was of course disappointed to find that they carried nothing that could withstand the rigors of a garage environment; particularly the Western New York winters.

Joe then turned to the internet and found a vast array of offerings. Some of the solutions he found were good; others left much to be desired; but none of them were in Western New York. It was then that Joe decided to organize the best of the options he had found into Gorilla Garage Gear.

Gorrila Garage Gear offers our powder coated wood garage cabinets. Redline Garagegear products are designed to withstand the harsh garage environment. The local organization experts also carry waterproof thermoplastic slat wall and hangers from storeWall. Gorrila Garage Gear can install epoxy coatings to any concrete application as well.

Whether you’re a classic car or bike enthusiast, a sports buff or simply demand organization out of chaos, allow Gorilla Garage Gear to organize your space.

From design to installation we'll do it all for you

We’re pleased to offer a complete turnkey process from design to installation. From our free initial consultation to our free design service we are focused of providing the perfect solution for your needs. When your custom-built storage solutions are completed, our factory-trained experts will ensure everything is properly installed for a lifetime of use. From design to installation, we’ll do it all for you.

The only thing for you to do is fill your new cabinets and enjoy your new organized space.

Gorilla Garage Gear Offers These
Garage & Home Organization Products & Services

Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom Garage Cabinets

• Designed for the garage environment
• Custom-built cabinets to your specifications
• 12 powder coat colors for durability
• 500+ garage cabinet sizes and styles
• Unlimited configurations
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the U.S.A.

Let us show you how custom designed and custom-built Redline Garagegear garage cabinets can regain lost space and help you organize your garage for good! Contact us today and get your garage back for other things… like your cars!

Slatwall & Accessories

Slatwall & Accessories

• Store almost anything on your walls
• Reclaims cluttered floor space
• 10 attractive color choices
• Solid color panels will not fade
• Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant
• Huge selection of accessories

Use your walls to regain lost floor space with slatwall and accessories. And slatwall is a great complement to Redline garage cabinets.

Let us show you how you can get your garage floor back. Contact us today.

Closets & Home Organization

Closets & Home Organization

• 30+ door styles
• 24 standard colors/finishes
• 16 depths to fit any space
• Virtually unlimited configurations
• Custom-built for your space
• Organize any room in your home

Gain space in your closets and organized them for good with Redline Closet Systems. And they work great for any other room of your home as well.

You can organize any room or closet in your home. Let us show you how.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

• Improves appearance of your garage
• Extends the life of concrete floors
• Improves your property value
• Many color choices
• Stain and fade resistant
• Easy to clean and maintain

New cabinets in your garage would look great, but what about that drab stained floor? We can make your floor look great as well with our epoxy garage floor coatings.

Don’t let an ugly garage floor spoil the look of your new cabinets. Contact us today.