Slatwall Panels and Accessories

Flexible wall-hung storage solutions

Reclaim space on your garage floor

Slatwall can be used to store almost anything, from hand tools to big, bulky ladders, using slatwall panels and accessories. Panels can be easily cut to size and arranged to fit your space and storage needs. Ten color choices (below right) give you the freedom to match your décor or your garage storage cabinets.

Garage Slatwall Panels

Free up cluttered floor space with our flexible, wall-hung shelving storage solution. These garage wall organizers are great for keeping everything from garden equipment to toys to bicycles off your floor. As your need grows, additional panels can be added.

Slat wall features heavy-duty interlocking panels of a blended cellular PVC material and is 100% recyclable. The panel material is a solid color, so the color will not fade or wear off over time. Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, slat wall will last a lifetime. The panels are 12 inches high and 8 feet long, and can be trimmed to any length. Trim and screws are in a matching color.

Garage Slatwall

Slatwall Accessories

A large selection of shelves, hooks, pegs and variety of other accessories are available to complete your slatwall garage storage system. Standard kits are also available with a pre-selected assortment of accessories.

Slatwall Color Options

Slatwall Color Options
Slatwall is available in 11 attractive solid colors and woodgrain finishes

Slatwall and Accessories Catalog

Our Slatwall Catalog is filled with garage storage ideas that can help you.

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