Redline Garage Workbenches

Build a garage workbench that’s best for the way you work

Rolling Garage Workbench

With a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations in your choice of 12 different colors, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Want to move your workbench to your work? Choose our Rolling Workbench. Prefer to bring the work to your workbench? Stationary Workbenches are great for working in a fixed area.

Our garage workbenches share all the same features as our Garagegear cabinets, but are free-standing, so they can be located anywhere, even the middle of your garage. Stationary workbenches are mounted on adjustable legs so you can adjust for uneven floors. The 80” width model can be built with a knee hole, allowing you to sit while working on a project. Rolling workbenches have casters, allowing you to move your tools and supplies from one project directly to another. Both designs feature finished powder-coated back panels so they look great on all sides.

Garagegear Workbenches use the same lower cabinet drawer units, door units and bins as our regular custom garage cabinets (see Garage Cabinet Choices). Mix and match these components to create the perfect garage workbench for you. And top everything off (literally), with our industrial-strength chemical-resistant black urethane Impact Coating™ garage countertop that can withstand almost anything.

Garagegear Workbenches are a great complement to our wall-hung cabinets, and like those cabinets, were designed and built specifically for the garage environment… superior powder-coated finish, heavy-duty hardware and industry-leading warranties.

Stationary Workbench

Stationary Garage Workbench

80" Stationery 

The stationary garage workbench features adjustable legs, and is available in 32”, 48”, 64” or 80” widths, with a 24” deep work surface. In addition, the 80” unit can contain a knee hole for sitting. The larger units feature additional legs for stability.

Rolling Workbench

Rolling Garage Workbench

80" Rolling 

Move your work surface, tools and equipment to your projects, with our rolling workbench. Large 6” rubber casters roll easily and quietly wherever you want and lock for stationary use. The mobile workbench is available in 32”, 48”, 64” or 80” widths.

Create your perfect workbench

Choose a stationery or rolling workbench in, 32”,  48”, 64”, or 80” width. Select the cabinets and drawers you want. Choose a color from 12 beautiful powder-coated options. Finally, finish your new workbench with a black Impact Coating countertop.

Below are a couple of the possible configurations.

Rolling Workbench 48'

48" Workbench

Rolling Workbench 64'

64" Workbench

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Workbench Choices 

Workbench Cabinets

A heavy-duty workbench is great, but you may still need other cabinets in order to have the perfect garage storage solution for your needs. Many of our customers prefer to integrate their workbench into an entire wall of garagegear cabinets.

Start with a custom length work surface in your choice of black urethane Impact Coating™ or maple butcher block and add storage cabinets, drawers, or specialty cabinets to create that perfect solution for your particular needs. When you combine all the specialty cabinets, drawer combinations and add-ons, almost unlimited configurations are possible.

From an off-the-floor design to a rugged powder-coated finish, Redline Garagegear workbench cabinets are designed to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them. And remember that our garage cabinet systems come with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, so you’ll be enjoying your new garage storage solution for a very long time!

Need More Storage?

Need more storage or additional ways to organize your tools or work items? Use the space over your work bench, or add overhead cabinets, tall storage cabinets, slatwall and more, to make your garagegear workbench the center of your organized workspace.

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