Specialty Garage Cabinets

Organizing everything is simple with specialty garage cabinets

Garage cabinets are great for storing stuff, but you need to organize stuff as well. Garagegear has the largest selection of garage specialty cabinets and garage storage bins of any garage cabinet manufacturer, so you can have storage in your garage that fits your exact needs and interests. For more ideas about storing stuff and organizing your garage at the same time, visit our Garage Storage Ideas page. For more information on all of our garage cabinets and options, visit our Garage Cabinet Choices page.

Drawer Units

Need better tool storage in your garage? Drawer units are available in multiple heights, widths and depths to fit your needs. Use with lower cabinets or tall storage cabinets.

Parts Bin

Our parts storage cabinets come with 40 removable Parts Bins which are great for storing any kind of small parts and keeping them all organized and in easy reach.

Trash Pullout

Keep everything neat and tidy with our convenient trash pullout. The trash pullout works anywhere with lower cabinets or tall storage cabinets, even in a garage workbench.


Need personal storage spaces for family members? Lockers are a great way to store clothing, shoes, sports equipment and more in individual cubicles. In single or double widths.

Bi-fold Doors

Perfect for areas with limited space, bi-fold doors require only 7″ of room to open. Fit on single or double tall storage cabinets.

Corner Storage

Wrap your cabinets around corners with these corner cabinets. Available in upper cabinet, lower cabinet and tall cabinet styles.

Garage Closet

For larger items, our garage closet will accommodate items up to 64″ wide. Add slatwall to the back wall and it makes a great garden tool organizer or sports gear organizer.

Xtreme Depth Cabinets

Our Xtreme Depth Cabinets are 36” deep and are great for storing (and hiding) very large items. Available in four widths from 32” to 64” to accommodate almost any need.

Need More Ideas to Get Started?

Deciding what to do is often the hardest part of getting organized. Our Garage Makeover Guide and Garagegear product catalog are filled with garage storage ideas that can help you.

By now you should know that Redline Garagegear offers so much more than just garage cabinets. We create and build solutions for every possible situation a home owner could run into. Need a solution to store big and bulky items like lawn mowers, snow blowers, and weed whackers? Our garage closet is designed so that you can store these items with ease. Do you need to maximize every square inch of your garage? Try some corner cabinets to take advantage of all the space your garage has to offer. Whatever you need to store, however you need to store it we have the perfect storage solution.

Trying to organize a garage can be a really big hassle. There always seems to be more important stuff to do and less time to do it. The garage is already packed with your stuff now throw in all the stuff that gets accumulated with kids and you could be looking at a huge mess. Locker cabinets are great for families of any size who are looking for an easy and attractive way to get organized. Eliminate lost shoes, hats, boots, gloves, or scarves. No more misplaced sports equipment, toys, and backpacks. Lockers will help make life run a little bit smoother and help make the garage look good.

Garage cabinet systems can be further customized by adding trash pullout bins, drawer units, and parts bins. Group your tools and store them together by adding some drawer units to your tall or base cabinets. Parts bins can hold nails, screws, and other small parts that always seem to be missing when they are needed. Get rid of that trash can that keeps getting in the way and tripping you up. Trash pullout bins can be hidden and out of the way when built right into a garage storage system.

It’s easy to see that we have thought of virtually every possible option when it comes to garage storage. You have the power to turn your garage into an invaluable asset for you and your family. You are probably already thinking about all the things you can do once you have organized your garage. Begin the process of creating the garage storage space you have always wanted by finding a qualified, experienced dealer in your area. Enter your zip code in the dealer search box right now.