Garage Cabinet Choices

Garagegear offers the most garage cabinet choices in the industry!

Choose from more than 500 cabinet styles

Redline offers more storage cabinet styles and sizes than any other custom garage storage manufacturer. With the variety of styles, widths, depths and individual cabinet configurations, more than 500 cabinet choices are available. And all Redline garage cabinets are available in your choice of 12 great powder-coated colors. You can be sure to find a perfect fit for your space, tastes and storage needs.

Create the perfect storage for your garage

What do you need in your garage? A work surface for projects? Cabinets and drawers to store small items, tools or parts? Tall cabinets to store larger items out of sight, but within reach? Whether you need a few cabinets for a small area or lots of cabinets for a large area, we’ve got the storage solutions for you.

And if space is an issue, we have tall storage cabinets in depths as little as 12″ with wide opening bi-fold doors that need only 7″ of clearance to open. If you need additional storage for larger or bulky items, but your space is really tight, Slatwall or Overhead Storage may be perfect for you, and are a great compliment to our cabinets.

All Garagegear cabinets are designed to work together to fit any need, configuration or space. Take a look at the Garagegear cabinets below, and we think you’ll be convinced.

Garage cabinet choices

More than 500 garage cabinets are possible with Redline Garagegear. The various cabinet styles we offer are shown below. Many of the upper, lower and tall cabinets are also available as open shelves (no doors) for quick and easy access to contents.

Garage Cabinets

Want to check out all our cabinet choices to get an idea how our cabinets would work in your garage or work space? Download a pdf of our extensive garage cabinet choices by clicking on the ‘VIEW CHOICES’ button below. Everything is included, so you can see exactly the cabinets you want. Then contact the Agent in your area to make it happen for real.

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See our more than 500 Garage Cabinet Choices

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Garage Cabinet Choices

Upper Cabinets

Single or double door cabinets in 16″, 24″, or 30″ heights and choice of three depths.

Lower Cabinets

Single or double door cabinets in 24″ or 30″ heights and multiple depths. Multiple-drawer units also available.

Tall Cabinets

Single or double door cabinets in 49″ or 79″ heights and multiple depths. Bifold doors for tight spaces and multiple-drawer units also available.

Specialty Cabinets

A variety of specialty cabinets are available for specifict storage needs. Custom width cabinets can be manufactured in any width up to 48″ to fit any space. More on Specialty Cabinets

Xtreme Depth Garage Cabinets

Great for storing tall or large items. Xtreme Depth Cabinets are 36” deep to accommodate really large items and are available in widths of 32” to 64”. More on Garage Closets


Mobile or stationery workbenches are available in widths of 32″, 48″, 64″, or 80″. Workbenches use the same cabinets as the lower cabinets. More on Workbenches

Additional Choices for Your Garage Cabinets

Choose the perfect color

Redline Garagegear garage storage cabinets are available in 12 great powder-coated colors to complement the decor in any home or garage. Read more about powder-coated finishes and colors

Choose a great work surface

Finish your cabinets with a choice of durable countertops… maple butcher block , industrial-strength, chemical resistant Impact Coating or commercial-grade laminate. Read more about our countertops

Need Inspiration?

Our Garage Makeover Guide will give you ideas to get organized.

Deciding what to do is often the hardest part of getting organized. Download our Garage Makeover Guide to help you get started.

Navigating through all of the cabinet options available online or through the big box stores can be an overwhelming experience. But we know that options elsewhere are mostly limited to two or three styles, some basic configurations, and at most 5 different colors. Let us help you figure everything out.

Redline Garagegear offers you more than what can be found anywhere else. Rest assured that we will not abandon you during any part of the garage selection and organizing process. We are available to answer your questions, to help you find the right solutions for your needs, and to offer garage organization tips.

If you are just getting started, you may need to learn a thing or two about how to organize your garage before picking out any cabinets. Consider what you might want to do with your garage, how much storage space you will need, what you will be storing, and the limitations that your garage poses. Remember that storage solutions from Redline are customizable to work around limitations found in any garage. It is important, however, to be aware of what those limitations are so that you will be able to give us an idea of what you will need. Your garage may be limited, but there are few limits with Garagegear.

Once you have developed a plan and know all the particulars, download the cabinet styles PDFs located in the sidebars above. Use these print outs to create your layout. Having completed this step you are now ready to contact one of our trained Agents to turn your paper layout into reality.

We have a network of over 50 Agents across North America who will be more than happy to show you samples, assist with measurements, and offer the organizing garage knowledge and tricks that they have learned over the years. Most of our of the Agents in our nationwide network have set up showrooms in your local area so that you can get a true sense and feel of how a Redline Garagegear garage cabinet system might look in your garage. We are constantly adding new Agents to our network so be sure to see if there is one available in your area. If there happens to be an Agent in your local area they will walk you through the remaining steps from ordering to installation.

There are also opportunities throughout the week to chat live with one of our resident garage storage experts. Feel free to take advantage of those chances to get real time advice and answers to your questions.

Redline Garagegear is committed to assisting every homeowner organize, customize, and personalize their garage storage space. So if you are feeling even the slightest bit lost, confused, or overwhelmed please let us help you today.