Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage is the most important thing about a garage. We all know a garage is normally a place to park your cars and maybe pile unfinished projects ina corner. As a result of this, the garage becomes your least favorite place in the house. Without a doubt, nowadays it doesn't have to be that way. The key to having a perfect garage is by keeping everything organized and looking great at the same time.

At Redline Garagegear we offer custom designed garage cabinets to keep everything stored from tools to sporting goods. The more you have your garage floor clean and everything within reach, the better. All of our garage storage solutions are ideal for achieving the most organized garage it can be.

In addition to this, if you want to get started on your project now, we have some exciting makeovers and tips below so you can have the perfect garage storage. 

These makeovers are done by Redline Garagegear dealers. These dealers are all across America helping everyone achieve their dream garage.

The biggest step you can take is getting the thought of garage storage in your head. Like we mentioned before, it's key to have everything organized.

Coming up with garage storage ideas can be really tricky, though. How are we suppose to know how to store tools properly? Or, What are things that can and cannot be stored in a Garage? It seems like there's all these problems that you don't have answers to. But rather than dread on all your questions, we have come up with some tips and tricks that will help you. Remember, thinking about cleaning your garage is the first and biggest step. The rest falls in easy.

Garage Bike Storage Solution For A Dedicated Cyclist In Central Florida
Elli and his wife built a summer home in central Florida that needed a unique bike storage solution for their garage. Read more about how Redline Garage Gear and CF Garage Designs teamed up to get the job done and create a truly remarkable and functional space, perfect for these avid cyclists.
Wife Surprises Husband with a New Garage and Variety of Garage Storage Options
Jane from Houston, Texas wanted to give her husband a little surprise. Jane's husband was going on a business trip and was going to be out of the house for a couple of days. It was decided that she wanted to surprise her husband with a remodeled garage. A big project like a garage is not an easy thing, especially if you are in a time crunch. Thankfully, Global Garage Flooring comes in and helps Jane get the best possible garage and surprising her husband. Find out all about the transformation and how she managed to pull of the surprise.
If you don’t clean your garage now, you’ll hate yourself later
Have a garage storage plan can be difficult. There's normally too many things laying around in our garage we prefer to avoid cleaning it. But, did you know that a messy garage can cause you a deadly fire. Find out how you're putting your life and our family's life in danger and what you can do to avoid it.
Preparing Your Garage For Summer
No one likes to be stuck inside when there's really nice weather. A lot of us spend time remodeling our home or giving it some renovations. Most of the time we don't take time to put in work in our garage. It is super important to prepare your garage for the sunmmer because it can bring big benefits in the long run. Check out these 5 things that will help you out with your garage when the weather is not so hot.
Organizing Your Garage on a Budget
Not a lot of us have the money to buy garage storage cabinets. But getting your garage organized doesn't have to be an expensive purchase. In fact, I'll tell you how easy it is organizing your garage on a budget. You'll be mad that you didn't think about these ideas sooner...
Garage Wall Storage That Will Save You Lots Of Space
A Redline Garagegear dealer transforms a garage into a more spacious place. Harmony Design helps a family in Illinois to achieve the best storage for garage. The family loves sports and they have a lot of equipment that needs to be stored. If you are a sport fanatic like this family, you know that it can be a lot of equipment to store. This family also has two boys that play hockey and they now have a very convenient place to air out their gear. Take a look at how this garage is transformed without taking up any floor space!
How To Organize Your Garage
Finding ways on how to organize your garage can be hard. That's why we narrow it down to 5 easy ways you can get the perfect garage. Find out how to take advantage of these five ways. I can guarantee you that this will improve your house value instantly.
Handyguys Address Smoke Alarms Working at the Wrong Time
Has your smoke alarm every gone off in the middle of the day? There is no fire or smoke around your home, it simply turns on for no reason. Having a full functional smoke alarm can not only save your life but also help you put out the fire really quick by alarming you at the right time. There are many reasons your smoke alarm can go off. The Handyguys tell you exactly how there is an easy fix to the problem.
How to Lose Customers & Alienate People
There is not a single soul in the universe that likes a sales person that is trying to convince you about a product that is not good for you. How many times have you gone in to purchase a store and you end up leaving with a car you didn't like? A salesperson often times convince you to buy things you either don't want or need. Check out this video that shows you exactly what I am talking about and people you need to be away from.
Are You Still Celebrating Christmas?
Christmas decorations are super fun to have around the house. If it wasn't for the decorations, it really wouldn't feel like it was Christmas. But most of us tend to keep our Christmas decorations months after Christmas. You couldn’t possibly put these items back where they originally were because other items had quickly moved into their place. Find out what you can do to store your decorations properly.
Tips to Gain Extra Storage at Home
I know that we all use our garage for extra storage around our house. We usually don't want out house to be messy and have things laying around. If you are anything like me, you want to have your house as clean as possible. So, our solution is to throw everything in the garage. But what happens when our garage starts to get messy and we run out of space to store? Here are some tips to gain extra storage in our house while looking very well organized at the same time.
Time To Prepare for Spring Cleaning
Spring season is the perfect time to do some cleaning around the house as well as home improvements. Every home improvement brings great benefits as a home owner. This can increase your property value as well as money in the long run. Spring is the perfect time to plan out what upgrades you want to make. We have gathered 10 home improvement things you need to remember when preparing for spring cleaning.
Neighbors Home Improvement Project Brings Down the House
Did you ever imagine that making home improvements on your house can make your neighbors house caving into its foundations. Find out how the house on the left of the picture ended up looking all torn down. You'll be thankful that you knew about this before making improvements in your own home.
The Handyguys Talk About Hammer Drills
Have you ever wonderded how you can drill on a brick, concrete, stone, or any sort of masonry? Well, the job will require a specialty tool known as a hammer drill. This tool is similar to your average drill in that it rotates clock and counterclock wise. The Handyguys podcast talks a little bit about the hammer drill. Knowing all about the hammer drill will help you a ton when working on a project at home.
Options for Transporting Your Tools
Moving your tools from one place to another can be very difficult some times. Especially when you have to take your tools on the go. Paul and Brian from Handyguys podcast talk about ways to transport your tools.
Conceal a Safe with Redline Garagegear
Two home owners who previoulsy had bought garage cabinets from Redline Garagegear needed a little bit more help with their garage. The homeowners needed to store an an eleven hundred pound gun safe. Find out what idea Redline Gareagear and their authorized dealer came up with. defiantly something really creative.
Small Garage Organized with Garage Cabinets SlatWall and Overhead Storage
Who says you can't use your one car garage for storage? Having a limited space in your garage can bring you struggles when you want to store your tools. Our authorized dealer, Global Garage of Central New Jersey transformed this one car garage. Find out how Global Garage of Central New Jersey transformed the garage of this garage.
Garage Epoxy Flooring
Flooring is super important when it comes to a garage. But it is important to buy a durable floor, specifically for your garage. Garage epoxy flooring is the best option if you want to transform your garage completely. Find our why epoxy floor is the best option and why you need to hire an expert to the job.