Tips to Gain Extra Storage at Home

When most people think of “storage” they generally think of places with hundreds and hundreds of units where one must pay to house items that, for one reason or another, cannot be stored in their home. For many it refers to a place completely detached from their permanent residence. There is a great storage option right in your home that you probably overlook every month as you go off to pay for that storage unit. How well are you using the storage space offered by your garage, with ideas like garage wall storage and overhead storage?

It seems that the garage storage space is often pushed to the fringes. It is left to be cluttered and unorganized while monthly, resources are spent to have a place to store more stuff. The garages in many homes have become useless due to clutter, disorganization, and bad garage flooring. Homeowners find themselves feeling helpless and frustrated looking for any quick and easy solution to the problem.

While quick and easy solutions will not fix the problem, it does not take a very difficult solution either. The first thing to do when beginning any organization project is to map out the solution. You should ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I intend to store in the garage?
  • Will I need a storage system complete with garage cabinets, slat wall, bike racks, and other garage storage accessories?
  • If I need a garage storage system, will it have to be custom due to obstructions or odd shaped items/parts of the garage?

You should also conside what things can be thrown out or donated to local charity. When donating please remember that quality is more important than quantity. If an item is broken or would be of absolutely no use to anyone it is probably best to throw such things away.

Once the important “save” and “discard” decisions have been made, begin to put action behind the plan. Create three piles for save/store, donate, and discard. Once everything in the garage has been assigned to a pile, throw out everything in the discard pile, immediately take the donate pile to your local donation center, and organize the items in the save/store pile within your garage.

For further organizing it may be helpful to consider storage cabinets for the garage. There are lots of systems out there that claim to be for use inside the garage. It should not be too difficult to get past the noise, however, if you know exactly what to look for. If a custom job is needed you will want to find a manufacturer with hundreds of different configurations to be sure that something can be built to fit your garage perfectly.

Garage cabinets should be made of a strong, durable material that has been tested and proven to withstand the most extreme conditions of a typical garage. Powder coated medium density fiberboard should do the trick. The powder coat finish comes in many different colors, makes the cabinets resistant to temperature extremes and accidental spills, and keeps them looking factory fresh for a lifetime. For the best result the system should also hang from the wall. This prevents any water damage to the garage wall cabinets and to the items being stored.

Making the garage your first option for storage should be the goal of any homeowner. Why spend money elsewhere when it is possible to store everything on your own property? Anyone can organize a garage and then install a storage system to help keep things in place.

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