Are You Still Celebrating Christmas?

Is your lack of a functional garage storage system preventing you from taking those decorations down? Are your Christmas decorations still up? Back when my garage was an utter mess, my holiday decorations could potentially stay up for 4-5 months after January 1st. I knew that once those ornaments, the tree stand, and the nativity scene were packed away they would have to be stored right back into a cluttered garage.

You may be thinking “Hey, it can’t be that bad. You can just put that stuff right back in the spot it sat before the holidays.” That may be an option for many but it turns out I couldn’t possibly put these items back where they originally were because other items had quickly moved into their place. I would need to spend at least 2-3 hours shuffling other items around the garage just to make room for the seasonal decorations. To top it all off, for the next eleven months my family and I would proceed to bury those decorations under piles of toys, shoes, winter clothes, sports equipment, and everything else one can think of that we could possibly fit into the garage. By the time Christmas rolled around again all the decorations would have to literally be dug out of all the other mess that was overrunning the garage.

It was an awful experience to go through every year. Not to mention the whole process put a really bad taste in my mouth for the holidays. By the time I managed to sift through the clutter to just get to the decorations I felt pretty “bah humbug” about the holidays. After playing this game for years and years I finally decided that I’d had enough and was going to do something about the mess. I realized that I had a serious problem when it came to organizing the garage and I needed to do something about it.

While Christmas is now well over, many people may still have a bunch of holiday decorations that never quite made it back into the seasonal storage area of the garage. If you continue to display your decorations well after the holiday has ended because you lack appropriate garage storage solutions then it’s definitely the right time to organize your garage.

Consider installing a garage cabinet system and assigning one of the cabinets to holiday decorations. If you are an individual who enjoys decorating for holidays, a custom garage cabinet for all your seasonal decorations will keep everything organized and in the same spot. It will be far more convenient to swap things out this way as well.

Once you install new cabinets for garage you will be far more prepared to finally dismantle and store the Christmas decorations. If you happen to go the cleaner, artificial route when it comes to Christmas trees and wreaths, be sure to store them appropriately. Artificial trees should be kept in tree bags and wreaths should be stored in boxes that will preserve the shape.

Stop fearing the beginning and end of the holidays. Don’t let a cluttered garage ruin another celebratory event for you. Finally get the garage organized so you can store those decorations.

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