Garage Wall Storage That Will Save You Lots Of Space

It might be difficult to think of ways to have a garage wall storage but check out what one of our local dealers did.

Harmony Design Inc. recently transformed a 900 sq. ft. garage into a very well-organized space. The owner of Harmony Design Inc. made sure that every wall in the garage was well used.

Jerry Santoro, who is the owner of Harmony Design. He personally worked with the home owner, Ryan, to transform his garage into an extension of his home.

It should be noted that Ryan found out about Harmony Design from a neighbor’s recommendation. Harmony Design had done a garage makeover for one of Ryan’s neighbors back in 2014. So, Ryan got a hold of Jerry and asked for a consultation.

Ryan began telling Jerry he had a lot of equipment to store. He needed to make the most out of his big garage space. He and his family love sports. Some of the hobbies they enjoy are hiking, skiing, swimming, and triathlons. But for them, most importantly was having their two boys in Hockey. If you know anything about Hockey, you know that it requires a lot of equipment which can be difficult to store. 

After working together on several garage storage plans, the final drawing was established.

Getting started on the project

Once they agreed on the final result, it was time to start the process and order the cabinets.

Jerry comes personally to the offices of Redline Garagegear to pick up his orders. It took about a week for the Redline Garagegear to manufacture his order and have them ready for pickup.

The garage storage cabinets were installed approximately two weeks after approval.

But first to prepare the space, walls were painted and overhead storage was added.

Garage lighting was also changed to four 4-feet LED light features.

Installing epoxy flooring

Before installing the garage storage cabinets, the client also wants his floor refinished with a new decoration epoxy finish.

Harmony Design Inc. not only specializes in garage storage cabinets but also on epoxy flooring.

Ryan a picked brown full broadcast flake floor with poly top coat for U.V. protection. Epoxy flooring with U.V. protection helps the floor from yellowing. When the epoxy has exposure to sunlight, a chemical reaction occurs causing it to yellow.

Color of garage storage cabinets

After the epoxy flooring was dry, they went ahead and installed the garage storage system.

The wood garage storage cabinets was in house and ready to install. Ryan chose his garage cabinets to be the color Pewter. This color blended perfectly with the brown he picked for his garage floor. 

Installing back wall cabinets

The final drawing by Harmony Design included covering the entire back wall with storage.

Garage storage cabinets and slatwall were added in the mix.

If we start on the left side of the back wall, we can see some tall cabinets. The first one measures 16Wx79Hx23D. Although this cabinet doesn’t have much space, it still allows for Ryan to possibly store his skiing gear.

If we move further right from the first cabinet, we have four tall cabinets. These cabinets are 32Wx79Hx23D. These cabinets are perfect for storing all the sports equipment that they have. Let’s not forget the family will use their garage for organization. Ryan will be able to store chainsaws, string trimmer or even a hand saw.

Garage workbench with storage

On the right side of these cabinets, you can see a different storage for garage is set up. There are three upper cabinets that are 32Wx24Hx12D. Below the upper cabinets are cabinets called base cabinets. The two base cabinets are the same and measure 32Wx30Hx23D, and have 4 drawers. If you are a handyman or woman you can store nails, screwdrivers, duct tape or even drills. Having this sort of storage helps to keep you more organized. 

The countertop is a black utherane countertop. The countertop is exceptionally durable to use as a workbench with storage. Ryan doesn’t have to walk all around his garage to grab the tools he needs. But what’s even more helpful is that Ryan has LED lighting above the countertop. Ryan will always have a light he can turn on to help him see better while he works on a project.

Talking about helpful, check out the slatwall in between the upper and base cabinets. He can hang any of the tools he uses regularly. I don’t think there’s a better combination than having a workbench with slatwall above it.

On the right side of the back wall, Ryan’s family decided to add a slatwall.

This is a great place to hang the boys’ hockey equipment after each game to air out. The slatwall accessories provide a variety of ways to hang what you need on the wall.

Right side garage wall

Right next to the slatwall but on the right-side wall of the garage Ryan also has a garage storage system.

Three tall cabinet that are 32Wx79Hx12D. These are tall enough to fit just about anything. This area turned into a great place to find smaller items due to their shallow depth.

Left side garage wall

If we move over the left side of the garage wall, we can see 3 tall garage cabinets with some slatwall to the side. The first 2 tall are your usual 32Wx79Hx12D cabinets.

The garage storage cabinet that is unique is the last one on the left wall. Just by looking at it, you probably think they’re two tall cabinets but it’s only one. This cabinet is a 4-door 60’ wide bifold.

What is unique about this cabinet is that when you open it, there’s only slatwall. The two doors of the bifold open completely, letting you see absolutely everything that is inside.

A bifold cabinet is often used to hide certain things you wouldn’t like people to see. Ryan and his family will use this bifold to store garden tools.

Take a look at this similiar bifold cabinet done by Jerry at another homeowners garage.

We all know garden tools get very dirty and messy. Nobody wants to have a good-looking garage with dirty tools laying around. That’s why they installed this bifold cabinet. Ryan and his wife will be able to hang the tools inside the cabinet without anybody seeing them. Pretty creative, right?

Left side slat wall

On the left side of the garage cabinets there is a big slatwall that spreads across the remaining left wall. Ryan and his family are big bike riders. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside or it’s 90 degrees out. Ryan’s family has fat bike tires that allow them to ride no matter the weather. Harmony designs suggested adding the slatwall and putting the fat tire holding deluxe bike racks. The family is now able to hang the bikes on the slatwall and fold them to the side to create more space.

On the side of the bike racks are hooks where the each can hang their helmet.


The garage turned out to be one of the most resourceful spaces throughout the house. Ryan and his family now have the best garage storage system. The family has more space than imagined for storing all their sports equipment as well as tools. The family is now able to store their bikes without taking up usable space. Also, their two boys have a place to hang their stinky hockey gear when coming home from a game.

Harmony Design did an excellent job with this garage. Ryan was so happy with the results that he recommended them to his family. Currently, Harmony Design is working on the family’s parent’s house for their four-car garage. The project will be ready to install this summer.