Small Garage Organized with Garage Cabinets, Slatwall, and Overhead Storage In New Jersey

Even the smallest of garages could use a quality garage storage system to keep the space organized. Global Garage of Central New Jersey, our local authorized agent in the area, recently helped a resident of Staten Island, NY design and install a complete storage solution for their garage.

The homeowner wanted something that looked good and, more importantly, would take full advantage of the available space in their small one car garage. Creating something with only 200 square feet was certainly a challenge, but nothing Global Garage of Central New Jersey owner, Michael Iannuccilli, and his team couldn’t handle.

Michael and his team started things off by applying a Global Garage polyaspartic garage floor coating. The aesthetic, durable epoxy garage flooring has three times the strength and chemical resistance of the typical concrete floor epoxy. The bond between the ‘Blue Trout’ chip polyaspartic finish and the concrete floor should prevent any problems with cracking and peeling.

The next order of business was the garage storage system. Using Redline garagegear, the Global Garage team added garage cabinets and a workbench area to the head wall right next to the door leading into the house. The workbench area is made up of three base cabinets: a two door unit; a cabinet with four drawers; and a specialty parts bin pullout cabinet. The base units are topped off with a black urethane Impact Coating counter top. Instead of a traditional matching back splash, a custom sized slat wall panel was attached to the wall over the base cabinets.

Three upper cabinets are attached to the wall above the workbench area, providing additional storage space. The two double door and one single door cabinets were designed to be only 12” deep to make it easier to use the workbench area. All of the cabinet door and drawer fronts have been given a powder coat finish in our very popular New Burgundy powder color.

On the left wall (if you’re looking in the garage outside the overhead door), sixteen feet of slat wall panels have been installed. Both loop and double hook slat wall accessories are hung on the slat wall panels and are presently being used for storing a ladder, rakes, brooms, shovels, and even a fire extinguisher. If the homeowner decides to add more things to store later, there is still plenty of room on the slat wall panels for more stuff.

An 8’ W x 4’ D overhead storage rack was also installed on the ceiling just above the garage workbench and cabinets. Seasonal items, plastic totes, storage boxes, and any number of other items can be stored completely out of the way in this space.

Whether you have a just a little 200 square foot garage (like this Staten Island homeowner) or a behemoth that’s more like 700 or 800 square feet, you need a system to keep the area organized. And we can help! You can find your local dealer here or give us a call today to get started on a design for your new garage storage system.

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