Garage Bike Storage Solution For A Dedicated Cyclist In Central Florida


When Elli and his wife fulfilled a dream and built a summer home in Clermont, FL, they knew they would need a garage bike storage solution. This couple loves cycling and spending time relaxing by their pool. They needed a garage well organized to be able to fit all the gear related to their main hobby, bikes.

It’s exciting when you can add endless custom tidbits to make each space in your home, your own. The interior design doesn’t stop with the main house. You can plan your garage for maximum use of your square footage. 

With their main home located in Iceland, Elli and his wife didn’t know who they could rely on. So, they had to rely on word of mouth and recommendations to find the best company for the job. 

Redline Garage Gear and Central Florida (CF) Garage Designs

While touring model homes in the subdivision, Elli commented on some great looking garage storage cabinets. The builder let him know that the cabinets were installed by a Redline vendor. The builder helped Elli get in contact with CF Garage Designs to plan and install custom garage storage solutions that would work best for him. CF Garage Designs is an authorized Redline dealer who specializes in all garage storage solutions for garages of all sizes


Central Florida Garage Designs is the only authorized Redline Agent in the Orlando Florida area. Redline Garagegear Garage Cabinets are specifically for garage projects. Their durability and quality are not matched. From strong powder-coated finishes to our wall-hung, off-the-floor design, Garagegear storage cabinets are both unique and functional. With more than 500 cabinet choices, Garagegear offers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage for maximum use of your space. We love to design new spaces and remodel existing spaces to add attractive garage storage options for our clients

Designing A Garage The Optimizes Bike Storage

garage storage solutions

Elli and his wife are avid cyclists and needed space to hang up to 8 high-end bikes as well as cabinets and benches for doing their own bike maintenance. They also needed garage storage solutions the best garage storage system for the gear like helmets, shoes, etc,. The bikes are pretty amazing, light-weight carbon fiber bicycles that cost upwards of $15,000 each. You can tell that biking is a true passion for Elli and he takes great pride in his bikes. In addition to garage bike storage, this couple also needed storage space for their backyard pool equipment.  

The garage was being custom built in a new construction home so we had 900 square feet of totally free space to work with. We connected right away and came out to examine the space and start making some plans. The designer, builder and customer all met at home to discuss the plans. Elli had a lot of great ideas already mapped out in his head, with some added suggestions from CF Garage Design. They quickly drafted a plan which after just a few minor tweaks was ready to go. The home wasn’t completely built at this time, however, we had to wait around one month to get the green light to complete the garage work

Garage Cabinets, Benches And Surprising Extras

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Along with the garage storage cabinets, benches, counter tops, and bike mounts, we installed a TV mount so that Elli could have a stationary bike hooked up to a television monitor to complete indoor rides on rainy days. This dedicated cycler rides an average of 300 miles per week and it shows! He needed a lot of dedicated space for his bike riding hobby, including a place to fix and maintain the bikes. We used a combination of vertical and horizontal bike hooks in order to maximize the space we had. 

These clients also needed additional garage storage options for their pool equipment. Owning a pool is a huge responsibility and there needed to be a place to safely store chemicals, filters, skimmers and a vacuum with hoses. With a convenient garage storage solution for these items, Elli can enjoy his pool while staying at his summer vacation home. The total install took only two full days with a team of three installers. 

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Redline Garagegear provides cabinetry that can’t be beat in the industry with powder-coated finishes that resist peeling, scratches and dings and that won’t succumb to the hot and humid weather conditions in a garage. The dovetailed cabinet drawers will not break even with heavy use. Heavy duty hardware finishes off these custom cabinets with strong handles and hinges that you can rely on. These “made in the USA” products are built to last. There are lots of finishes to choose from, this project used an impressive medium grey color that looks very modern and on-trend. 

Overcoming Obstacles And Revealing The Finished Project

garage cabinets with workbench

The biggest challenge during this project was the butcher block countertops. The plans called for two countertops that would fit together and make an “L” shape. There would also be a rolling bench inline with one side. When both countertops arrived, we noticed that they were not the same thickness. This would create an uneven workspace. We ended up ordering a replacement for the 72” side due to this thickness variation. The manufacturer quickly assisted us with the replacement. After a little extra sanding, we were able to match the two countertops perfectly. Once we sealed it with polyurethane, we installed it and it looked great. 

custom garage cabinets

This was also the first time we used 49” upper cabinets on a job and it came out looking fantastic. This garage had a tall ceiling and the homeowners were also tall, allowing us to use this extra space. This was a true custom build, making use of the customer’s hobbies and interests to make the garage functional and enjoyable. Elli and his wife thrilled with the new design. Several neighbors were also so impressed that they also hired CF Garage Designs and Redline GarageGear for their own projects. Referrals from happy clients are the best compliments we can receive. 

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