A Repeat Customer Gets A Remodeled Storage Cabinets Garage For Their Renovated Home

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It’s not doubt that we often feel stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to home remodeling. It doesn’t matter what part of the house you are remodeling… stress will exist. The most stressful part of a garage remodel, is finding the right people to do it and finding the best storage cabinets garage. When we hire new people to do remodeling, there is always some doubt that things won’t turn out how we expect them to.

A couple of years back, Jason, from Michigan, was right there with you when he was remodeling his garage. He didn’t know who to trust to do the job. Remember, it’s not all about who is going to do the installation, but also the quality of the material they are using.

Jason had to find both of those things in one single business and he did.

Jason found Great Lakes Garage that could help him do the job he needed for his storage cabinets garage with the quality he was looking for.

How it all started

Corporate garage remodel

A while back, Great Lakes Garage did a corporate garage remodel at a large plastics company in Grosse Point, Michigan. They got custom sized dark cabinets and some other work done. The CEO of the company was so impressed with the work that he knew exactly who to call when he needed his own garage remodeled. 

Redline Garage Gear and Great Lakes Garage

Great Lakes Garage is an authorized Redline dealer who has been proudly serving the Detroit area since early 2001. They specialize in storage for garage like custom closets, cabinetry, slatwall storage, and epoxy floors. If you need the best garage storage system, they do great design work and excellent installation

Great Lakes Garage

Redline Garagegear makes high-end custom cabinets that stand the test of time. They can take a beating and look great doing it. With endless configurations of storage solutions, there is sure to be something for everyone. They can solve just about any garage remodel or storage issue that comes up and make a space that suits your hobbies and lifestyle perfectly.

Designing Storage Cabinets Garage

Jason called Great Lakes Garage when he was finishing up a house flip in the area. The home got a total makeover and he wanted to make sure that the garage had a clean and organized look as well. Having a unique car collection, he wanted sleek looking garage storage options so he could entertain guests in while they poured a few drinks and talked about their passion for automobiles.  

Great Lakes Garage was able to knock the garage storage plans out of the park on the very first try and they were able to get to work a few weeks later. The client picked out a smooth epoxy floor, some slatted wall organization, and dark burgundy cabinets for his 24×24 garage space.

Prepping the Garage 

Before the garage cabinets can be installed or anything else could be done to the garage, the epoxy flooring has to be done first.

Epoxy flooring

After the floor is completely dry and there’s painted walls, it’s time to assemble and install the cabinets.

Installing Storage Cabinets Garage

garage storage system

Jason wanted his wood garage storage cabinets to standout, and to make that happen he decided to go with a color that stands out from the rest. Jason went with the color New Burgundy Powder for the doors and side panels and the color black for his cabinet boxes. 

Tall cabinets

If you take a look at the picture, Jason has a big garage storage system. In this system starting from left and right side, he has four 32Wx79Hx23D tall cabinets. Each of these cabinets include three shelves. These are perfect to store bigger tools that wouldn’t fit in base or upper cabinet. The tall cabinets are mostly used for storing gardening tools like rakes, fertilizer or watering tools.

Next to the 32Wx79Hx23D tall cabinets, there is one 16Wx79Hx23D tall cabinet on each side of the base cabinets. This tall cabinet is a lot smaller than the other tall cabinets. Having a tall cabinet this size allows you to store bigger objects that may not fit on a a slatwall or small size cabinets. The unique thing about having a garage storage system is that you can categorize each cabinet. You can decide what kind of things you want to store in your cabinets.

Base cabinets and Countertop

As for base cabinets, there are two 32Wx30Hx23D 5 drawer base cabinets. These base cabinets are perfect for storing different types of tools. We know Jason has a unique car collection. Having a car collection does mean having to give the cars maintenance. The 5 drawer base cabinet gives him a unique space to store his wrenches, nails, screws, drills, etc. You name it. There are a handful of things you can store in these drawers. On top of the base cabinet there is a maple butcher block countertop. The countertop is a great place for puttering, fixing and assembling items for the new house. The countertop allows you to have a garage workbench with storage.

Upper cabinets

For the upper cabinets, there are two upper cabinets that are 32Wx24Hx12D. These cabinets make the garage functional and enjoyable. Not only does Jason have a lot of storage space with these new garage storage cabinets, but it also makes it look very well put together. All the garage cabinets fit perfectly on the wall from end to end.

Slatwall and accessories 

Having a garage wall storage sometimes makes things a lot more easier to store certain tools. From the picture above, you can see that Jason has slatwall in between the upper and base cabinets as well as the right wall. To be able to use his slatwall effectively, he ordered a basic slatwall accessory kit.  The kit comes with: (1) 24″ Tool Bar; (19) different hooks and (1) 12″ x 24″ Basket. This kit is perfect for hanging rakes, wrenches, screwdrivers and even brooms. 

Completed job


before garage storage remodel


best garage cabinets

This job was finished in just two and a half weeks, including the new flooring. Redline had to make custom size cabinets for the cabinets on the left to fit the space properly. The end results were a stunningly clean and organized garage space with ample storage. Now Jason has some extra space to hang out with friends and work on his cars. 

The best compliment is repeat business or your referral to family and friends. We’ll do a fantastic job every time!