Creating The Perfect Hangout Space With Garage Storage Wall Cabinets

Garage Storage Wall Cabinets

Joe is a fun-loving guy with plenty of family and friends that he loves to spend time with. While remodeling his home, he knew that his garage also needed some remodeling and garage storage wall cabinets. That’s when he called Redline garage cabinet dealer Innovative Garages in Indianapolis, IN to help him design his dream garage. Joe was to turn his extraordinary six-car garage into the perfect man-cave hideout where him and his buddies could drink beer and watch the game. He also needed a place to entertain his grand kids with plenty of garage storage options

Top Of The Line Redline Cabinets From Innovative Garage

Innovative Garages

People call Innovative Garages when they want to transform their garage space into something special. Looking for garage storage ideas that are above and beyond the normal setup can transform your garage from a car storage space to just about anything you can imagine. Serving the Indianapolis area, Innovative Garage has been doing unique installs of garage cabinets, slatwall storage, garage flooring, and much more for quite some time. Customers love the high-quality customizable cabinets they have access to as a ​Redline dealer.

The storage cabinets garage are custom built to customer specifications right down to the color choice. These garage wall storage cabinets come with a lifetime warranty because customer satisfaction is the number one priority of both Redline and Innovative Garages

Redline Garage Cabinets are specifically made for creating stunning garage projects. Their durability is unmatched in the industry. From strong powder-coated finishes to the wall-hung, off-the-floor design, Redline Garagegear storage cabinets are both trendy and functional. With more than 500 cabinet choices, Redline Garagegear offers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage so that you can get the maximum use of your space.

Unique Uses For An Extra Deep Garage Space

Joe has a 828 square foot garage that is extra deep. For reference, you could fit up to 6 cars inside if you really wanted to. But Joe doesn’t have six automobiles to store, he has a large circle of family and friends that love to get together and hangout. This was a super friendly guy that was a pleasure to work with. He wanted to design a fun and inviting space where people could gather, drink beer and watch TV. One idea he had in mind was to place lockers by the door so people could store their belongings and his grandkids could take off their shoes. 

Garage lockers

Designing Cabinets For The Garage Remodel Project

Joe's Garage Design

With some solid ideas in mind, Joe did a Google search for the best garage storage system. He found and contacted Innovative Garages, who came out to meet with him the very next day. Because the customer already had garage storage plans of hat colors he wanted and some of the design elements, it was easy to draw up a design and have it approved immediately with some minor adjustments. Sandstone cabinets with white end panels were ordered in both shallow and deep varieties. Everyone agreed the lockers near the door were a great addition and they ended up in the final design. Along with the garage storage cabinets, a slatwall for storage was added. 

Installing Polyaspartic Flooring

Polyaspartic Flooring

The install, including the time to order and ship the wood garage storage cabinets, took around three weeks to complete. Those three weeks gave plenty of time to install a new polyaspartic floor.

Polyaspartic Coatings, offered by Innovative Garages, has revolutionized the floor coatings industry with a simple, fast, one-day installation process. Unlike other floor coating systems, polyaspartic floor coating can be installed in hours, not days. Another great thing is it’s ability to apply at nearly any temperature or humidity level. Like all of our floor coatings, it is backed by a warranty against flaking, peeling and chipping.

Cabinet Color Combination

After installing the epoxy flooring, the garage storage set arrived and garage was ready to go for the installation.  



Dove Grey

Dove Gray

Frosty White

Frosty White

Joe chose his garage cabinets to be a combination of colors. Cabinet boxes are all Dove Gray melamine and the doors are Earthstone Powder Coated. Joe also wanted different color of end panels. The end panels are Frosty White. These color combinations go along perfectly with the color of the polyaspartic flooring.

Breakdown of the Garage Storage Wall Cabinets

best garage storage set

From looking at the picture above, you notice that Joe has a lot of tall cabinets. This allows him to store all sorts of tools and accessories without taking too much space and still looking just as neat.

Tall Cabinets

Looking at the garage cabinets from left to right, we have one two 2-door tall cabinets. These cabinets measure 32Wx79Hx16D.

garage wall storage

Next to these two tall cabinets, we have another set of tall cabinets but with different depths. These cabinets measure the same as the first two but are 23 deep. Playing around with depths of all these cabinets, gives a different dimension to the garage. It’s honestly a clever way to make the garage a little more interesting when looking at it!

Base Cabinet

Right next to these tall cabinets, we notice there is a window. With the window being there, it was not a good idea to put a tall cabinet over it. Not only will it not look as good, but it will also block the sunlight from entering into the garage. The solution to this area was to put a base cabinet that was the same width as the window. This base cabinet measures 32Wx24Hx16D. This size is perfect because it doesn’t interfere in any way with the window. 

garage base cabinet

Garage Storage Set

In the corner of the garage, there are two sets of garage storage cabinets that meet and even looks like one big cabinet. There is a corner cabinet and a 16Wx79Hx24D cabinet that is added to the left side to create much bigger storage space than placing the corner cabinet alone.

Two 32Wx30Hx23D 2-door base cabinets sit next to each other. On top of these base cabinets there is a maple butcher block countertop that makes a great workbench. A workbench is a great addition to any garage. Not only can you set items on top of the bench but it’s also a great addition for Joe’s grandkids to play with their toys.

The last cabinet on the right side is a tall 2-door 32Wx79Hx23D tall cabinet. 

garage storage set

Garage Lockers

garage storage lockers

Lockers, as mentioned in the beginning, were added next to the door so the kids and guests can leave their shoes and hang their coats before entering the house. There are two 1-door 16Wx79Hx23D lockers and two 2-drawers 16Wx79Hx23D lockers as well. These lockers make a great addition to any garage. 

As it turned out, the garage walls were not perfectly straight. This made hanging the components a little more difficult but it wasn’t much of an obstacle for these expert installers. 

Garage Vac

best garage storage lockers

On the other side of the door, a GarageVac was placed. A GarageVac is a compact wall-mounted self-contained garage vacuum system. Only 30-inches long, 15-inches wide (including the tool caddy) and about 5-inches deep. This allows you to have clean car interiors without having to go to a car wash or a gas station to find a vacuum. 


Slatwall panels were also added right next to the garage doors. These are great to hang tools that are used often and it makes them easy to reach. You can find a variety of slatwall accessories here.  


The End Result Of A Custom Cabinet Garage Remodel With New Flooring

The end result was a warm and inviting hangout space that has an industrial modern feel. With plenty of space to hang coats, put shoes and kick back while watching TV, this space transformed from a standard garage to a real man cave. Check out the way the shallow cabinets offset the deeper ones, really making the white end panels pop. Our friendly young grandpa was impressed with his new garage and had a second smaller garage remodels as well with cabinets and flooring.

Don’t be stressed if you don’t know how to organize your garage or have any idea how you want your garage to look like  You can always look at our Garage Makeover Guide and the Redline Garagegear Catalog to get some ideas. 

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