A Simple Way To Get A Garage Storage Set That Works For You

garage storage set

Moving into a new home is stressful but it’s even more stressful when you have to find reliable people to help you customize your new home.

Mike and his family moved into a brand new house in Livonia, Michigan. Since Mike is the first owner of the house, there are a few things that need work around the house. One of those things being the garage.

You might know that a garage is everyone’s favorite spot to put in all the junk we don’t need on a regular bases, which is acceptable. But, what happens when the garage is full with junk that you no longer have space to park your cars? 

Well, Mike didn’t want his garage to end up that way. He wanted his brand new garage to be completely organized. How do you know how to organize your garage?

Before moving into the house, Mike knew exactly the kind of garage storage organization he wanted. The problem was he didn’t know exactly who to trust for this big garage investment. So what do you do when you need to find answers to most of your questions? You go and ask Google.

Great Lakes Garage 

great lakes garage

Mike found Great Lakes Garage on Google. Mike found out who they were and what they do and he reached out to them via phone to get more information. 

Great Lakes Garage is an authorized Redline Garagegear dealer. They specialize in epoxy flooring and wood garage storage cabinets. Mike needed exactly that. He needed someone to be able to customize the garage how he wanted it and have it also be great quality.

Designing the garage storage set

custom garage storage set

Mike’s garage is approximately 750 square feet and is a three car garage. Before reaching out to Great Lakes Garage, Mike knew exactly how he wanted his garage to look like.  So, Mike emailed a proposed design to Great Lakes Garage. Then, Great Lakes Garage recreated the design on the Redline Garagegear design tool (shown above). Since Mike knew what he wanted, the final design was made shortly after. Great Lakes Garage went over to Mike’s house, it is important to retake the measurements of the garage and make some final tweaks before placing the order. The main priority of Great Lakes Garage is for the customer to be 100% satisfied from beginning to end. They’re aware that your garage can be a big investment and they strive for the customer to be nothing but happy. After one week, Mike pulled the trigger and transformation began.

Installing epoxy flooring

epoxy floor coating

Before installing the garage storage cabinets, Mike also wanted his floor refinished with an epoxy finish.

Great Lakes Garage not only specializes in garage storage cabinets but also on epoxy flooring.

Mike picked his epoxy floor to be dark gray with white, black & blue flakes. 

Epoxy flooring is great to great to install in garages. It is chemically resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Color of garage storage set

multi color tall garage cabinet

Two weeks after installing the epoxy flooring, the garage storage set arrived and garage was ready to go for the installation.  

Mike chose his garage cabinets to be a combination of colors. The cabinet boxes are all blue and the doors are Pewter. These two color combinations went along perfectly with the color of the epoxy flooring.

Garage storage set breakdown

multi color garage storage set

The garage storage set was installed on the back wall of the garage. This left plenty of storage for garage as well as space to park all their cars inside.

There are different size cabinets that make up the garage storage set.

Tall cabinet

tall garage cabinet

Looking at the garage cabinets from left to right, we have one tall cabinet with two doors. This cabinet measures 32Wx79Hx23D. This cabinet is perfect for Mike to store lawn and garden equipment. As you know, lawn and garden tools can be really difficult to store. This cabinet allows him to store these tools but also visually hide them.

Upper cabinets

upper garage cabinets

If you take a look at the upper cabinets, you can tell that there are three garage cabinets that are exactly the same. All three cabinets measure up 32Wx24Hx12D. These size cabinets are perfect to store any liquids, drills or tools.



Below the upper cabinets and in between the lower cabinets, there is slatwall. Slatwall is a great way to hang tools or any kind of liquids that you use constantly. Instead of having to store them in a drawer, you can hang them and grab them as many times as you want. If you look closely, Mike bought a basket as a slatwall accessory so he’s able to store cleaning supplies. There are hundreds of slatwall accessories you can buy to store different types of tools.

Base cabinets

base cabinets

If we move to the base cabinets, you can see that there’s a 5 drawer base unit. This base unit measures 32Wx30Hx23D. Since these are smaller drawers, they are perfect for garage tool storage. Anything that can be within reach and is needed most often. 

On the left and right side of the 5 drawer base cabinet, there is a 2 door garage cabinet. These measure 32Wx30Hx23D.


On top of the base cabinet there is a black impact coating countertop. The countertop is a great place for puttering, fixing and assembling items for the new house. The countertop allows you to have a garage workbench with storage.

Tall cabinet

tall cabinet

And on the right side, you can see once again the same tall cabinet that’s on the left side. It is a 32Wx79Hx23D.

Cabinet pulls

All garage storage cabinets have standard black pulls which makes the garage storage system look that much better.

From a 3D rendering to reality

At the end of the day, Great Lakes Garage transformed Mike’s garage exactly how he pictured it in his head. 

drawing of garage storage set that Mike & Great Lakes Garage designed

complete garage storage set

After picture of Mike’s garage after installing the garage storage set and epoxy flooring

You don’t need a huge garage storage set to have the best-garage-storage-cabinets. You can have small garage storage ideas. I mean, with a few garage cabinets, you can make your garage a very efficient room. Great Lakes Garage did an excellent job with Mike’s garage. They knew exactly how to achieve Mike’s dream garage. Mike was so happy with the results that he ended up having Great Lakes Garage also do the pantry and master closet as well. 

It’s okay if you don’t have any idea how you want your garage to look like or how you want it organized. You can always look at our Garage Makeover Guide and the Redline Garagegear Catalog to get some ideas. 

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