Options for Transporting Your Tools

As an avid do-it-yourselfer I have a lot of tools. I’m sure I have something for just about every job you can imagine. I can attest firsthand to the organization headache that goes along with owning so many tools. These are the items that folks are most prone to leave out because it will probably get used again soon anyhow. And hand tools especially have a knack for getting misplaced or disappearing all together.

Our garage workbenches are great for storing all sorts of tools in a neat and organized manner. The rolling workbench even allows you to take your tools with you to different jobs around the garage or outside. But what happens when you need to do something inside the house or you need to take just a few tools to a job site? You’ll want a lighter, more portable toolbox type option for those scenarios.

Our good friends, Paul and Brian, from over at the Handyguys Podcast put together this video on some of the different toolboxes one could choose from. Check out all the options they discuss in depth in the video below:

Do you have a “main home” for your tools (i.e. a workbench, tool cart, etc.)? What are you using to make your tools more conveniently portable?