Garage Shelving Solutions

Redline garage storage cabinets are great for most storage solutions, but there are times when it is important to have an unobstructed view to be able to quickly find an item, and have immediate access to it. Garagegear garage shelving or shelving units may be the answer.

We offer two kinds of garage shelving…cabinet shelves that work with our garage cabinets, and shelves and bins that work with our storage wall solutions. Either will allow you immediate access to the items they hold.

Garage Cabinet Shelving

Built on the same wall-hung “box frame” as our regular storage cabinets, garage storage shelves are the same materials, construction and quality as our regular cabinets…just without the doors. And like our storage cabinets, our garage shelving system is available in a wide variety of widths, depths and heights to fit your exact needs. For complete flexibility, all shelves are adjustable in 1.25″ increments, with the exception of the fixed bottom shelf.

Garage cabinet shelving is a great complement to our regular garage cabinets, and works perfectly with all our drawers and speciality cabinets.

Garage Shelving

Storage Wall Shelving

The great advantage of storage wall is complete visibility and immediate access. Storage wall shelving is available in a variety of depths and widths and is perfect for general purpose storage. For small items like toys or sporting equipment that does fit well on standard shelving, bins and baskets are available to add additional storage.

So whether you want your garage storage to be open shelving, closed cabinets or a combination of both, Garagegear has an answer.

Garage Shelving