Garage Storage Helps a Seattle Couple Achieve Their Garage Organization Goals

At Redline Garagegear, we love helping customers find garage storage that just works.

Redline cabinets and our local authorized agents have played a prominent role in helping countless families get their garage organized in Seattle and throughout the U.S.

On one recent project, Redline garagegear garage cabinets were used to help a Seattle couple meet their organizational goals.

Seattle Couple’s Experience with Redline Garagegear Garage Cabinets

This Seattle couple recently purchased a brand-new house. As in most homes, their new garage came with a plain, drab concrete floor and no storage to speak of. They decided to revamp their garage to make it more organized, efficient, and clean.

They selected Redline garagegear garage cabinets for the storage and hired the team at Eastside Garage Outfitters, led by Steve Ailiff, to do the design and install job.

Their primary goal was to keep the garage organized and neat. No odds and ends showing here or there. They wanted a place to put everything out of sight.

After they hired Steve to complete the project, he got to work outlining the dimensions of their 3-car garage and developed a design proposal for the couple.

Design Created with Redline’s Design Software

A few iterations later, and the couple decided on the perfect design and garage storage solutions. In less than two weeks they had completed the planning phase of the project and were scheduling the installation phase for the following month.

Installing Redline Garagegear Storage Cabinets

Most of the cabinets in this job were standard, so installation was straightforward up until the left side. Here, Steve had to work some magic and use custom cabinets to fit the homeowners’ design preferences. Those cabinets were designed and manufactured to be extra deep to keep large trash receptacles hidden behind closed doors.

Final Cabinet Installation

Steve also had to build the cabinets around the Central VAC system for the entire house. It is housed on the other side of the cabinet. Between the receptacles, the vacuum, and those columns Steve really had his work cut out for him!

Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System Behind Doors

He installed those LED lights under the upper cabinets as well. Those help create functional lighting for the workbench area and add a stylistic feature that really sets off the cabinets. During that process, he also moved a few outlets to ensure the cabinets fit the space perfectly.

Garage Storage for Any Family

The couple Steve worked with in Seattle is just one of the many examples that prove Redline garage cabinets cabinets are well suited for virtually any environment.

With children to keep organized and two large vehicles to park inside, this couples goal was to get all the stuff in their large 3 car garage behind closed doors. And they wanted to do it with polish and style. The result is a gorgeous garage that now happens to be more than just a place to park their vehicles. They can hide unsightly belongings, clutter, and toys easily thanks to their garage cabinets!

If you’re looking for high-quality cabinetry that is well suited for a variety of purposes, then our garage cabinets are the perfect fit. From new construction to aging properties, our cabinets are the perfect option for you. Discover a better way to organize your garage through efficiently designed cabinetry made with your family in mind.

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