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Closet Systems

End closet clutter with the perfect organizer

Walk in Closet Organizers
End your daily ritual of hunting through your closet for a blouse, or pants or pair of shoes, only to find your cothes are winkled, or one shoe is missing. Wake up to an organized closet from RedLine Closet Systems … clothes hanging neatly in their open spaces, shoes stored on shelves, and folded clothes neatly placed on shelves for easy access. No searching, no wrinkles, no fuss.

Add more closet space

Most of us can’t add more closets, but we can add more space… inside our closets! How? By rearranging your space with a closet organizer. RedLine Closet Systems will custom design and custom build your system faster and for less cost, with better quality, more choices and greater style than most of our competitors.

closet cabinet finishesBut just organizing your closet isn’t enough, it has to look great too. With more than 30 door styles and eight standard colors/finishes, you’re sure to find something that blends perfectly with your décor. With a large selection of countertops and hardware, your finished closet will look fantastic. And our systems are wall-hung, using a special hanger which allows us to compensate for uneven floors or irregular walls, ensuring your closet organizer always hangs straight and level.

The process

consultationLike garagegear, RedLine Closet Systems are installed by certified professionals. He (or she) will visit your home, discuss your needs, lifestyle and budget, and design a solution specifically for you. You’ll be presented with a quote and a custom design. Once you’ve settled on a design, your Agent will take exacting measurements to ensure nothing is missed. Your Agent knows our systems and how to get the most our of every inch of space in your closet.

Next, your Agent will place the order for your closet system. We use state-ot-the-art computer aided manufacturing, so nothing is built until we receive your order, ensuring everything fit perfectly. Your completed system will be shipped to your Agent for installation, usually in 10 days or so.

Finally, the most exciting part…installation. Installation usually only takes a day or two. Now you can eliminate your closet clutter, reduce your frustrations, and start on your next project. How about your children’s rooms?