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Counter Tops for Garage Cabinets

Work surfaces that can take a beating

Garage cabinets are great for storage. But when it comes to actually getting work done in our garages, we need a work surface. Whether the work surface is part of a entire wall of cabinets, or a stand-alone workbench, the work surface takes the most use (and abuse) in our garages.

RedLine offers two choices of work surfaces to fit your needs…Maple Butcher Block and Impact Coating™. With either one, you’ll have countertops that are as durable as our garage cabinets, and will last as long.

Beautiful Butcher Block

Our beautiful and durable Maple Butch Block counter top looks great and will withstand most everyday use. They’re great for hobbies, gardening or light everyday use such as household repairs or maintenance. The maple tops are constructed of 1-1/4″ hardwood maple with a clear protective coating to keep their beauty for years. Maintain them by cleaning as needed with a mild soap and water.

Impact Coating™

When you need a work surface that will stand up to heavy use, take a look at our industrial-strength, chemical-resistant Impact Coating counter top. Impact Coating combines polyurethane and polyurea (the same stuff used on truck beds) to produce a tough and durable shell for the counter top with great impact resistance (i.e.: you could take a hammer to it with virtually no effect!). While you may not actually take a hammer to your top, it’s great to know that it will withstand the most strenuous and rigorous use and abuse. In addition, Impact Coating is chemical resistant and is not damaged by gasoline, oil, or virtually any household chemicals. An added bonus is water resistance. No maintenance required, except maybe an occasional cleaning.

Impact Coating is an environmentally responsible solution, 100% solvent free, and does not emit volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s) or chlorofluorocarbon derivatives (C.F.C.s).